cfl grow light - any good

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cfl grow light - any good ... 240%3A1318

please check out link and let me know, thanks in advance
cfl grow light - any good
seems pretty decent... i would give it a shot if i wasnt trying to get an mh/hsp light... you can never have enough cfls imo... i say go for it... if it works out good then you might want to try and invest in a 2nd or 3rd... imo
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cfl grow light - any good
Ordered one, will give it a go and feedback on results
cfl grow light - any good
You can't beat a HPS,but I've seen some great grows done with CFL's
(Now breeding my own for Pottysworld)
cfl grow light - any good
got cfl, plants seam so to aim straight ast it like they cane resist, love it!

can anybody check the spec ofthe lamp i bought and tell me what the 2 colour and spec differences are on the bulb, its designed so one spectrum of light hits the shiels and the other is directly above the plants

which way shoud it be on new shrubs as i know im a long way off the females budding

i know how long per day they should recieve light and dark, its just to make sure they get the right conditions

also if ytou check link - credit to the ebayer, good packaging (well over tyhe top) and looks like well made product - check it out.......
cfl grow light - any good
here is ma babys

had couple of spots on them daily whilst waiting for cfl
cfl grow light - any good
cfl lights and floros should be on 24-7 for vegging
cfl grow light - any good
careful bubbah! They are stretching already!
get an oscillating fan going in there and maybe use soda straws or toothpicks for support! You need to strengthen the stems! Once those leaves open, the weight will bend em over otherwise!

Get that light as close as you can without touching AND leave it on 24 hours a day! CFL's MUST not have a dark period in veg, as they are not the same intensity/quality of light as MH/HPS
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cfl grow light - any good
mcdonalds to the recsue! have used straws for support. also lowered the lighting.

with regards to light on 24 hrs per day, how long should i keep this up?

+ 1 more - the light i have has 2 colours, check out the link to see this, which colour should be at the plant end (nearest to leaves)

cfl grow light - any good
lights need to be on 24-7 until ready to flower ( lowrider or autoflowering strain light cycle stays this way all the way thru ) or regular strains atleast 5 weeks fromm seed ( when they preflower ) then you can flip the ;ights to 12 on 12 off :reefer