this is my first serious go at growing from seed and my 5 plants have droopy leaves probably 30-40% of the time. i started in rockwool in propagation tray with dome using distilled water and 2 60w cfl set to 18/6 then 7 days later in promix hp in 4" pots still under the cfl then at week 2 under 400w sunmaster neutral deluxe MH. its hooked to a cool tube and exhausted and my cabinet stays a steady temp of 74 and 59 at night. my oscilating fan was pretty strong so I faced it at the wall for their wind but it was facing them for about 4 weeks(the fan was pointed up at not directly at them before i turned the fan around)
i dont think i over water if i water on fri i then water on tues, typically 2-3 days before watering. started 1/4 strength total nutrition 3-1-3 on week 3 and ph reads 6.3-6.4.(i adjust ph probably 2-3 days before i feed them) i have an intake on my cabinet, its light proof with silicone sealent and made from plywood and 2x4 and painted flat white. went to 3/4 strength on day 32. before next feed will move to 3gal pots. when my leaves droop sometimes they are about to twist but they never fully do, the main stem is thick and never droops. when they dont droop they look very healthy big leaves their 6" tall and kind of bushy. since they have so many shoots off the stem i am not sure if those would all be nodes? each plant has about 9 nice sized leaves and numerous little ones or new forming ones. on all of the plants the most bottom two leaves are yellow and one plant have three very faint light yellow marks more beige. am i doing this right or is their something that i am missing?
Thanks for any help

you say your adjusting your ph 3 days before you feed / water them , can you please explain why and how your doing this :D

Plant droop in your situation is likely one of the following:

1. Temps are too high- your leaf edges will be standing up as well if this the primary issue.
2. Over and/or under feeding- this relates to nute levels, not frequency of watering. If the solution is too high, they will droop, if it is too low they will droop, but for different reasons.
3. Over and/or under watering- if the balance is off, the plants will have trouble adjusting & will likely droop at each application/withholding.
4. Humidity & air circulation- if is very dry or very damp, they will droop. Tied to this is something called vapor pressure deficit (vpd), but that is just too much info.

Likely it is a subtle overlap of the combination above. If they are otherwise healthy, it likely 1&4 in play. If you noticed color and/or growth abnormalities, it is often 2&3. Not to say any combination isn't possible... The 1-4 isn't so bad, you could easily just live with it. The 2-3 needs attention, especially if 1-4 are contribution factors. Pretty self-explanatory on what to do, depending on what you are seeing. You can further tie it down based on timing. At night, mid-day, after a watering, etc... Best.

thanks for the quick reply, the ph of the distilled water is 7.2 so i used ph down the first time after i added the nutes to get 6.3 and fed them. a couple days later i noticed that the feed left in the bottle droppec to 5.8, i put 4 drops from 10ml syringe with no needle on it. so now when i mix some nutes and water i slowly drop the ph a drop or two a day to get my desired level.

this is just the way it works for me , if i add any nutes to my water at a level of 7.2 ph ( im using ro water ) it would drop into the 5's. what nutes are you using ?

the nutes are Total Nutrition 3-1-3 for veg and when they go to flower i have NutriBloom A and Nutribloom B to mix together. i never thought of waiting after i put the nutes in to test the ph. the nutes for veg i think were made from the hydroshop in my city beacause the store name is on the label, it does not state the ph of the nutes but it does say ph corrected and that it has a guarantee analysis on ten other elements. is it ok to use my digi ph meter to test the actual nutrient solution? do you adjust you ph from the 5's with something and if so what ph levels do you want during veg and flowering

What you nute bottle is telling you is that the nutes are PH buffered..This is an attempt by them to help you achive the PH level ya need,but,,,ya still have too adjust as needed.It's just that it shouldn't fall through the basement as Hunior's nutes do..I also have some nutes that drive the PH in the 4 range,,ya just need to correct it till ya have reached what ya want..

I also have a small problem with something you are doing with your nuted solution...If I might suggest,,that when you feed,,any left over nutes should be discarded,,,or used on some plants around the house...Do not leave the container with unused nutes in it for days and then use it again...No,,No,,in my book !


i agree with mr.o about discarding any unused mixed nute solution. i adjust my feed solution to 6.4 ph ( water and nutes mixed together ) im also in soil. if you were /are in hydro it would be different :D

Man, thanks so much for the info, I will get rid of my leftovers. so do you guys mix your nutes and water, adjust the ph then use it on the plants all right away? I was weary of joining any cannabis forum but this site will help me with my new addiction to growing. Thanks

after my water and nutes are mixed and then ph'd i will then feed


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