i have about 4-5 plants in one of my closets and they all seem to be doing well, but i have this one plant that started off like a giant and grew way bigger then my other plants, it actually got tooo close to the hps and i had to cut most of the top of it off cuz it got burnt, now the bottom brances seem to have dry leafs on them, is there anything i can doctor it with? ps, all my other plants are nice and moist,

maby more fans?, different nutes?, air cooler, ??

Other than topping-out the burnt parts... have you done any trimming?
Often, as a plant ages the lowest fan leaves die off as they are there for only 1 purpose--- collecting light! And down under the plant, they don't get much light (or air flow)-- so they die.

Follow the trim guide 1st-- (link below)
Then Flush Your plant "just in case" since it couldn't hurt....
Then follow with a feeding of your nutes at 1/2 stregnth...
and watch your temps and humidity...

all that said-- without pictures-- IMO it is most likely just natural die-off.

Good Luck! ;)

Trimming Plants

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these are upper leaves

Picture 051.jpg

almost all my leaves on that one plant look like that, u think its in some major shock


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