Thought i would post this pdf file, that anyone who is new to growing might like to read, its basically how to grow from start to finish with pictures. hope you enjoy and happy growing.
By the way it comes from a paper we can get at growshops in the uk. some interesting reading. :grin:
ps. perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge of computers can upload it to here or copy and paste it all. so its always here for the future.

brilliant work Firstgrow. thats a great guide, pics and all :)

Nice find FG, we'll find a place for it.


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where is the pdf file?

dunno, it keeeps eating shit? /DummiesUK.pdf

remove the spaces between the word file and the / and it should work

oh thanks, it was my fault, I need to update my adobe reader to version 9, thats probably why it didnt show up anywhere

Thanks all thought you might like, but i see the link for the file has been removed ?


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