Been searching for about 1/2 hour for pictures of prune. Last grow was a success but only grow 2 plants at a time so it is time again. I have three double gum gowing now for about 3 1/2weeks. They are sturdy looking plants. They are much fuller than my last grow and I am not at all sure about how to prune. I thought I had seen a tute on pruning that had some very good pics. I cannot find it.

Can anyone direct me to that thread? I have a mighty full 8-10" plants that need pruned.

heres a link to a explanation about pruning

island view,
I will try to find ya a post that has some examples of lollipoping in them for ya..But the technique is very simple,,just remove the lower 1/3 of the plants growth.At's all there is too it..

island view,
We have most all the info ya would need right here on the planet...Please,,,no need to link anyone away from the site..Thanks for your cooperation !


Basic Trimming Guide:

??? is that the kind ya mean... or topping????

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