Seeds ALLWAYS sort themselves out.
Light & Gravity make them seek the sky---
IF planted upside down, the root will grow & turn until it points down, and then the stalk & seed-leaf will emerge from the soil. IF you plant it upside down too close to the surface, it doesn't have room to make it's "U-turn" and the root pokes out the top & dies before it can grow back down into the soil...nothing "weird" just nature fighting our fuck up!

Dosn't matter how ya plant it-- tho it does help the seed conserve energy-- and therefore POSSIBLY emerge sooner & stronger IF when you pre-sprout you point the root down into the soil.
If not pre-sprouted (not a good plan anyway) just drop it on top of thesoil/coco and top with a pinch of the soil/coco... if using rockwool or rooters, use the premade hole (or make a shallow one with a matchstick) drop in the seed, and top with a tiny piece of the plug.

And BTW-- I didin't really see anyone being "out of hand"...
don't take this stuff too seriously or personally.
Growers do not allways agree "cuz there is no one right way to do these things...and there will be dissagreements.
As long as it's done in a congenial manner, or with a touch of humor instead of hissy-fits and name calling.... then we're all learning sumthin!!!!!

No need for revenge, just sit back and wait.
Those who have hurt you will screw eventually themselves; and if you are lucky, God will let you watch!

Through What we create- we are immortal.


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