best time to pollinate???????

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I've tried 4 times to pollinate but not all the time it works and i only seem to get 10-20 seeds back. What week would u recommend to pollinate????

Thanks P.S

Dreamscape :reefer

dreamscape wrote:Hi,

I've tried 4 times to pollinate but not all the time it works and i only seem to get 10-20 seeds back. What week would u recommend to pollinate????

Thanks P.S

Dreamscape :reefer

DS the best time to pollinate is the 2nd and repeat on the 3rd week after flowers are formed.

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Thanks Bro!!!,

going to do it this weekend then - im at 2/3 week now

thanks again joanocsa :slapper

Hey DS if it's your auto's your trying to pollenate then check this link out: male-pollen-sacks-on-lr-strains-t34550.html. If your doing your Power Plant x LR then I haven't a clue for time but surely you would need to do it when the buds are at the same stage as mine in the pics. I wish I could get down there to see the PP x LR.
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the number of seeds is more dependent on how many male flowers open AND how far into bloom your girls are before you pollinate-- and not really the # of days / weeks in 12/12, since each plants bloom-rate in 12/12 varies..

IMO-- best time to pollinate is when the female has a dime-sized "puff" of hairs at a bunch of nodes, and the male has a LOT of opening/open flowers.

IF you have other plants, take the "breeders" elsewhere for 3-4 days (all they need is a 100w CFL to keep em going) and shake the male onto the female every day as he releases more pollen.
Before you return the female to the 12/12 room with other plants, spray her down well with water in the shower 1st to remove any un-used viable pollen.

Every calyx has the potential to become a seed-- so the more hairs/calyxs she has, the more seeds you'll get. BUT: If you wait too long to pollinate, the seeds may not be mature at time of harvest...

Also remember-- once pollinated, MOST of the time the buds will be smaller and fluffier-- but still very smoke-able!!! We've had gals that we seeded give us a couple hundred seeds (or more) at a time, and still give a couple decent OZ's of bud.
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Thanks LZ & Jobby

nice to see you around again LZ, love your detail! - I think its defo got the dime-sized "puff" of hairs as you say- so i'll have bash and wish me luck i'll do, ok.

Im hopping to get good amount seeds with nice phenos for my 2nd generation of PPxLR and for future reference on stabling my PP auto. 1st batch only got 7 brown seeds :cry:

Thanks agin

yeh lz got it pritty much on the money...

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