I am breeding two NLxShivas over winter using natural light, now they have been flowering for around i don't know maybe two months....and i have stressed them big time into turning hermie so as to try and create fairly feminised seeds.
The pollen sacks are continuing to grow and pop and the hairs that do sprout out are soon withering back into the calyxs after coming into contact with the pollen.
However the seeds in the few calyxs i have picked off.. are very small and not yet viable.
Does anyone have any idea if it should take the same length of time to bud sinse plants as it does to produce seeds to maturity on a plant???
if not how long should it take???
I am looking at keeping myself in NL x Shiva seeds for a while and am quite pissed off at the lack of advancement they are making.
Any help is greatly appreciated.......
Herb any ideas as i know you do a bit of dabbling in the fine art of breeding??? :D


sorry trippa text book answer here, i never bred MJ before. LOL

Seeds take from 3-6 weeks to ripen, depending on environment, strain, and over-all plant health.
Usually it will take 4-5weeks for seeds to ripen. So usually around 2-4weeks into 12/12(depending on flowering time), is a good time to pollinate.
Some strains produce seeds that split the calyxes only when they are ripe, other strians have split calyxes,early is seed development.
Ripe seeds are mottled dark or grey, somtimes even black When they dry they turn a lighter color.

heres one hellava long peice on breeding.

http://www.greenmanspage.com/guides/bot ... 20Cannabis

You should be able to see the calyxs break when the seeds are mature. Most strains take 3-6 weeks for seeds to mature.


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thanks for the link dub.. its alot easier to understand then the one i posted.

hmmmmmm.....maybe pollination hasn't worked yet??? hmmm i will continue in my quest....cheers for the responses....keep em coming


I was told (though I dont know from experience) that seeds from hermaphrodite plants are going to be 90% hermies aswell. Can anyone verify this?

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it depends on the method. If its a true female that is forced to self they will probably be female seeds. If its just a hermi plant that developed male flowers without stress then the seeds will probably be hermi.

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hey dubman,

i was reading about wat you said about ( if its a true femal that i forced to self, they will probably be femal seeds.)
how true is that? where did you get these sources from?

Summer's here......... woohoo....... another outdoor grow to come!!!!!!!!!!!

I've read the same thing--- that a true female that has turned Hermie due to stress ahs 80%+ Female seeds...
and an actual Hermie Plant (starts that way) produces more Hermie seeds--
The thing is-- unless you are a botanist
(which is who wrote alot of theese articles)
you have no way of knowing which is which!!!

It is because of chromosomes--
female plants have nearly all "un-altered" female chromosomes-- so their seeds will too--
True HErmies have genetically different chromosomes-- something in the DNA that triggers both male and female sex organs to develope (just like in animals and humans!) therefore, most of their seeds will too.

I was just put through the torture of having to take a Botony class that focused on genetics ... I WANTED the Botony-- but this prof took it in his own direction (figures)

Go to google-- and look at Cannabis Hermaphrodite genetics..
and have fun-- it's long, boring, technical.... but hey! The info's out there!

Oh! And I also read in several cannabis sites that, if you dissolve a birth control pill (estrogen- female hormones) in a quart /gallon of warm water (depends on who ya ask) and use the water to sprout yer seeds and to water your young plants, that the hermie seeds will try thrit damdest to stay Female... the ratio goes up by about 30% from hermie to female...
eh-- worth a try I guess.

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