Can a Hermie pollinate a female plant?

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Can a Hermie pollinate a female plant?

If a hermie plant is left in with some females could it pollinate them?

How soon can you tell a plant is a hermie? Could you 1st think you have a male or female and then find out it's both?

I've never seen one before so I don't know anything about them. I'm sure if I keep growing one will pop up eventually.

Any info would be appreciated.
Can a Hermie pollinate a female plant?
ok-- males do not hermie---
IF a plant gets male buds 1st then hairs-- it is a genetic hermie-- and will produce hermie seeds. Male plants/buds are produced earlier/faster than female calyx's-- so they are more noticeable 1st.

IF a plant starts out as a female and after beginning to bud THEN gets male buds, she is a Hermie caused by somehting in the em=nviroment that stressed it (lights during dark period, low nutes, fluctuating ph, uneven watering schedule)
OFTEN-- these male buds are deep inside the female bud and isn't visible until after harvesting--then you find the dried OPEN flowers, along with seeds.
These seeds are often decent.. but some folks feel are of inferior genetics and prone to stress easily.

And YES-- Hermies (both Genetic and Stress-induced) produce pollen just like males, so WILL pollinate any female in the same room.
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Can a Hermie pollinate a female plant?
Damn! Thanks for this bit of information.

I think I saw balls on one of my females tonight. I'l bring my camera home from work tomorrow and take some pics. It's my best plant too.

This plant has been showing female signs for a week or more now but now one branch looks like it's a male.

Could anyopne who's had a hermie please reply and tell me how they discovered it was a hermie?