Anyone have any idea how many cubic feet a 20 pound co2 (50 pounds filled @ 80psi :oops: ) tank holds.
_ Can anyone clear this fog? :roll:

Why use it at all? You do have humans living there with you, dont you? Thats all the O2 that you would need. I have heard many claims that by adding O2 to your grow system that the plants will really florish. Not so. I found that one out the hard way. When I ordered my grow cabinet it came with the adapter to add the CO2. I did that. But then when I got down to it, turning off lights, pumps, etc. it became a real pain in the ass. I called tech support of the people I bought it from and what they told me is that it is just not worth the effort to use. If you have humans in your home or dogs and cats or whatever, or can just open a window once in a while, it just makes little or no difference.

Wrong. Co2 can increase your yields by up to 20% if used correctly. I have personally seen this for myself. You just don't want to use it at night because the plant releases Co2 at night or lights out. I would start the Co2 about 30mins. after light on to give the plant time to use up the Co2 already in the room. I am not sure about how many pounds your tank will hold.


"if used correctly" is the key here. I have seen some claims that says usng CO2 will increase yields up to 200 percent. But for the cost and hassle, is an "up to" 20 % yield worth the effort?

Yes, 20% is worth the effort if you are growing good bud and want to get your max yield.


hell ya it is wake n bake!

I started using co2 because of the feedback I got at the time. I also have a closed system with all my power maxed out to the point were I'm comfortable with it. So I figure these plants are going to need 'fresh air' or Co2 in this closed room (no ventalation)
I use a 13000btu portable airconditioner_ which cools the room to around 77-80 degrees F, with no ventalation. I use 4x 400 watt HPS lights with two 4x4ft ebbn'flo trays. The tanks are 50 pounders when filled at 1200psi. Which lasts me about 10-11 days. Regulator (110$) and infared monitor (600$) are used to maintain @ 1200ppm during light period.
Plants are 3 weeks into flowering and are 4-5 feet tall,.. in 4 inch squares of rockwool. Yes Yes, root bound right now, which im working on. But yo, most of then look very healthy.
I'm not sure yet how much the co2 is helping, But I figuare I already have it set up(to fill one tank around here is about 16-18$). I havent been seeing much growth in the last few though..


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