dry ice fer bubble?

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'did up some dry ice stuff a coupla' dayz ago and tried it immediately and it was pretty good; lookin' like the ol' blonde lebanese...so, i did a coupla' puffs last nite and it's inebriatin' and psychadelic at the same time...makes one somewhat goofy; 'thnk it still needs to dry out, or somethin', before it's max potential is felt... :P
'was probly a 1/2 O of great trim from all kinds of strain, only, but yielded a coupla' grams on the blonde side...'wonderful new method fer me!
Ready on the right-ready on the left-ready on the firing line!

homemade Lebanese blonde...what a wonderful world we live in! Draino, do you make butter? as you are the "Green Champion", I'd think you do. Full useage, my man. Hash to start, you can then use that stuff for butter, right? Stems, etc...after you suck all the goodies outta it, turn it onto Draino brand plastic/paper/oil, etc.



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