hello everyone , and thanks for looking at my post. i took some clones off my first -REAL- grow during flowering. i took a total of 10 clones , 5 sharks breath , and 5 celtic berry. i now have 4 of each [ i lost 2] this was my first attempt at cloning.i took them in the flowering stage because where i live to be legal you can only have 7 plants total , so i need to always have females ! now that i have cloned them and now there rooted , butt there seemes to be a problem ? they are still flowering with an 18/6 schedule. im using flora series 3 part nuts per lz schedule with a ph of 5.8 - 6.2 in a hydro multi flow bucket system, im also using 600 watt mh.?????? what should i do ????????? when they were under the t-5 lights they werwe on 18/6 also. should i turn the light on 24 hrs till they stop flowering ? any help would be appreciated. thanks again in advance for the help. :D :D :D hey , if you see this L.Z. and draig !!!!!WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! :D :D :D

here is a few pics from my crappy camera

With flowering clones it takes them a bit long to come around. U are sort of in the middle of cloning and re-vegging. IMO it will be ok. If it has roots, I would just leave it at 18/6. no roots or very tiny ya could go 24 for a bit IMO

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I agree... you must remember-- if the plant was in flower-- her hormones had changed completely from when in veg-- and must then change back in the clones... sometimes going 24/0 with the light helps--- but they will eventually stop budding and veg for ya.

Use the vegging nutes as if they were in week 3 or so of veg if allready totally rooted... too little "N" will slow the process of changing back to veg.


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thank you for taking the time out of your day and giving me :Dsuch a fast responce ! i just changed the res to week 3 nutes at 1.2 ec. i will keep you all updated on my progress with this grow. :D

just wanted to tell everybody thank you for your suggestions. they are going strong sucking up the nutes now at 1.8 ec :D

Great ,good luck .If ya want to post some pics we will all look at them. :D
Good luck, keep us informed of the harvest.

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i have started another post on these now because im having problems wirh gh flora 3 part - i think -


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