ok i know im gonna sound like a complete tool by asking this... but since i dont really know that much about growing what is the big deal with hermies... can you still smoke the bud? and if you clone it will the clone be a hermie also or will it pick a sex

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ok from what i know, hermies can be smoked and will form a kind of bud, but it will impregnate itself and the sensi bud (good female bud with pistols that you want) will be filled with seeds. which more or less means shit smoke, not much more thc than leaf. and as for cloning you just replicate your plant hence (clone) but your seeds you will end up with so I'm told will be feminised, but that even sounds far fetched to me...

Hermi's are a very strange things. They come in different levels, being a little bit to extreme. They can come at different times of the flower stage. So hermi's are genetic and some are from stress.
Are hermi's good? Depends on how much of the plants has gone hermi. There are a lot of factors. I have worked with hermi's a little bit. Have grown seeds out from 4 generations of hermis. I have taken clones from hermi's. So there isn't that much info out there because most ppl pluck them and toss them to find out what happens. IMO all MJ well at lease 99% of MJ can be hermied ,or is able to go hermi, depending how its treated.

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greentoes knows mj well. My understanding is that the seeds generated by a self-pollinated plant are shit (bad), while those created by a plant pollinated by a separate herm plant are considered "feminized." I have no personal experience w/ this, though. If a plant herms due to stress, then I'd think a clone of it taken prior to flowering would result in a female that'd be likely to herm again if exposed to those same stressors. If it was already flowering and showing male/female when cloned, I have no f*cking idea what'd happen :)

cool thanks guys

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