depend on if it inside/ouside, how old it is, what light cycle etc,

read the beginners section and read all the stickys and announcments,

you will learn alot from them...

Exactly-- like the fact that you'll soon have to re plant...
what nutes to use..
how much/often to water
lights & light cycles....

FAQ's & Step-by-step Growing... cannabis20217.html

Terms and methods used by growers... cannabis12763.html

Nutes: What to use and How! cannabis14033.html

1st Time Indoor Grows: sutra240445.html#240445

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id change my username also to soemthing besides my emial..unless u want ppl u dont know emailing you and askin for stuff, or worse..possibly. just a suggestion.


I agree with igotdank. Kill the pic and get a new name.

btw bro nice plants, they look nice and healthy. dont use clear pots/cups tho, roots hate light. i did that once to. u need to repot like LZ said.
flowering is either done by the sun around august. and i think january if u live down south.
otherwise indoors u do it manually, switchin from 24/0 or 18/6 to 12/12 and they usually "show sex" after about a week give or take. after they show sex u count from there til however long it takes for ur plants to finish usually 60days, give or take. check trics with scope is way to telll when to chop.

also depending how big u want them or get or how much room u have is when u switch to 12/12 hrs of light. avg. id say is about a month or longer, any sooner she wont get that big. they usually triple is Size when u switch to 12/12 so be careful. i flipped at 18inches..and it is almost 5foot now......hope i helped. READ also. ill try to lighten the mods loads when i feel i can aswer with decent advice. i dont mind, esp. after a huge chonger i love to talk!! 8) :stoned:


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