I have read the turorial, it was great but im still confused about one thing. For those of you who are using these 2 methods...how in the hell would you change your Res. water? I can drain mine easily enough without disturbing the plants but how do you fill your res with a new batch of water and nutes without disturbing your canopy?

:grin: i use a pump to drain the res. I mix the fresh batch of nutes in another tub, take the pump drop and drain the fresh water/nute solution into the bubbler. I use 1 pump and 2 hoses . you do it all through the access hole on top. its kinda easy, real easy if you have someone to help you do that while you measure and mix your nutes. 8)

I mix my nutes up in a 30l jug, from the hydro shop (free(it's what their nutes come in)) and have 10, 15, 20L measured off, and fill as needed, while mixing in the nutes (and big bud for veg) in that. disconnect the feed line and start the pump, drain, flush with more rain water, and fill with nutes. no need to take the medium out or move the plants.

I dont use all the nuted water, so i have some that is ph ready, for toping up as the plant uses more

Easy enough, thanks you two.

a pleasure...makes me feel better im answering questions, not asking so many now :P

Wakin an bakin. Morning. Lookin at the postins Deadvet, you've been rippin her up as of late. Grow idots like myself would be screwed without your help. Keep up the good work and thanks a bunch. Oh, and while im at it. Have you had much success with cloning? From what I understand, you take clippings from the mother plant after about 2 months of veg. Now is the mother plant, the plant that is growing the fastest? You have to wait for some M/F traits to surface before clipping right? Just trying to get a grasp of this before i scrog, dont want to be scroggin my males now do i.

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