When you get drug tested does the test show the amount of thc or does it just show that there is thc present. Also is it actually possible to pull the old "i was with a friend who smoked thats why i faild". any one know any other good excuses on wy you failed?


buy a kit or carry a friends urine with you

the tests measure the ppm, so only if it is very low could you use the friend excuse. I had a friend who got away with it because she got caught 1 out of 15 test at very low ppm levels. (she still has her kids and shes never smoked pot but she hangs out with us anyways)

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Sorry to say I took a course in this subject???? and in order for you to show enough ppm in your urine from second hand smoke you would have to be locked in a closet with 7 ounces of MJ smoke for 35 minutes to show up in a urine screen.......Take your Moms pee when you go.

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