Lets say you wanted to decrease the amount of spikes and elecrctricity use
for your grow room.
Would it be possible to have several batteries or capacitors or something
storing energy as they are put on slow charge...And the lights use power from the batteries rather than directly from the power outlets..??

What im asking is can HPS lights use power stored in batteries or some sort of power storing device?
(This would decrease chances of power comanies getting suspect as you could set up the batteries to be charged at certain times- same pwer usage as say- electric water heater)

I dont know for sure but I really doubt it becuase the prupose of a ballast I believe is to convert a 120V outlet to higher energy, but im not sure. And also according to Jorge Cervantes you should be able to get away with a 1000 watt bulb for every bedroom in a household.

yes.....kind of

You could certainly run anything off of batteries, the real question is: can you afford that many batteries? are you comfortable with the inherent innefficiency in such a system? I dont think the electric company looks at spikes, I thought they just looked at total KWH at the end of the month, but i dont know.

That said, It could be done. The simplest way would probably be car batteries in parallel and a 1kwatt car inverter, that aught to be able to run a couble 400watt lamps.

Car batteries are rated in watthours. the biggest ive seen are arround 80 watthours. so for 400 watthours, you'd need 5. That would run 400 watts for an hour or 1 watt for 400 hours. to run 400 watts for 12 hours you'd need 60. (This is not factoring in the inneficiency of the inverter or the inneffeciency of the batteries, the actual figure might be like 65 or something) 60 car batteries would be over $3000. Car batteries, deep cycled like this, would have a very poor lifespan. I wouldnt expect any of them to last more than 5 years. This might be something to consider on a HUGE grow, but realize, those 60 batteries are only going to power _one_ 400 watt bulb for 12 hours. Probably more costly than its worth.

An easier, cheaper and far more effecient way of removing the spikes though, would be to have two flower rooms, each on 12/12, but on opposite light cycles, so that you have a constant electrical draw....

Now that I think about it, Unless you have some fairly sophisticated timing, You would probably still have a measurable spike when the lights switch over. So, how about this: A battery charger, 3 or so deep cycling car batteries, and a car inverter. That ought to be able to scrub out any little spikes that might occur when the lamps switch. You might be able to use a computer UPS from a company like APC, although you would need to make sure it can provide 800 watts for a short period of time (in case the lamps timing happens to overlap and both lamps are running).

That would probably be the best solution for you, 3 bateries, a car inverter, and a battery charger shouldnt cost much more than $350, Plus it would be better for the invironment (ever think about the implications of disposing of or even transporting 60 lead acid batteries? doesnt sound fun to me :))

Damnit, nobody take my advise until ive had a day or so to sleep on it. AParently i do my best thinking in the shower, because this morning i thought "car batteries arent sold in watthours, they are sold in amphours" .. well, that just screwed everything all up.....

Car batteries are rated in amphours. the biggest ive seen are arround 80 amphours. 12v * 80 amps = 960 watthours. That should run 1 watt for 960 hours or 960 watts for one hour. to run 400 watts for 12 hours, youd need arround 6.

so running your lamps off of batteries is ALOT more feasable that i thought. still dont see where this would be practical, but it will take far fewer batteries than i origionally though.

.....sorry for all the fucked up electrical advise ive been giving lately, i guess summer break is getting to me.

maybe if you used a windmill to prolong the life of the batteries. i've got some good books on independence from the man. that includes generating your own electricity. dont recall exactly how it works, but let me look into.. for ya, and if it looks eficient i'll post somthing.

i very much doubt they check spikes in power how would they people switch on kettles and shit all the tim.e all they do is take a meter reading whenever they caych you in for me i've only had 2 in 3 years as i'm never in during the day the rest of the time they estimate them or i phone in the reading myself .i wouldnt worry about your usage there are so many things you could be using electricity on. unless you have more than 1000w per room of your house or apatment

Think about people who have huge garages or a large room and a lot of light required? They gotta turn the lights on right?

Why not register a business name under your home address and say that you just started a home based business and the power bill is gonna go up some...

I recently read in Cannabis Culture that a good way to hustle out of your home is to register a small business thing with the city, so it gives you an excuse to have people in and out all day. I suppose that would work too.


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