Hey PS,

I just had a question and i was just trying to get some input on the matter. But my question is that i have recently been doing some research on sheds the model i was looking at was an 8' by 12'. Seems like a pretty decent size although i will say it doesn't come with windows only a door. So my questions would be.....

- would it be beneficial to cut some intake and exhaust holes in the shed and set up my carbon filters that way?
- Also for a shed this size i was thinking of trying to grow at least 8 to 10 plants depending on size because i know that plants double in size during the flowering photoperiod, basically what I'm asking is does that seem plausible or should i go down a peg on the amount o plants i have going?
- Also for a building this size what type of light do you think i should use i figured about maybe going with a 1000 watt but i figured that might be too much power as well as I'm not trying to blow the shed up ;] jk jk but my question is do you think that would be strong enough or do you think i could even downgrade in power and maybe set the shed up with some high wattage cfl's on the lower levels maybe just to even out the light, plus i was either going to get mylar or paint the inside of the shed white haven't really decided on that one yet.
- And i guess last but not least it would be in my backyard so i guess do you think that would be sketchy for pesky porkers although i will say that i feel like having it out in plain sight for all to see may also be beneficial because it obviously shows that nothing would be in there or would it dun dun dun ;].

But thanks for the input love peace and chicken grease...... :thumbs-up:

well first whats the shed made of?
how do you plan to cool that thing if the sun is beating down on it and the lights on too. as for number of plants.. 8 seems fine, theres long time members here that COULD fit nearly 100 plants in there, that really depends on strain and grow style. Do not buy mylar, shit sucks, get some panda (black and white poly). lights, well that depends on how you plan to cool the shed. as for being out in the open, well.. how you going to get stuff in the shed, water your plants and alter the sheds out side to accommodate for ventilation without arousing one persons curiosity?

final point i would like to make is this, if im curious about whats going on in your shed and i think its illegal, it only takes 10 minutes and some bolt cutters to get in your shed. Ya fell me?

True very true but I planned on cooling it by having good airflow and by the time i got it up it would probably be closer to winter anyways and when it comes to someone breaking in I mean i am a little worried about that but I gotta pit and i figured if i did drill holes for the ventilation they would be on the backside of the shed and it would be made of wood i forgot to mention, so if you got any tips on better ways to cool it i would appreciate it and or what is panda??

Google panda film or black and white poly, its thick plastic thats black on one side white on the other.. lay it on the walls black side down.. its light proof and having black side down is supposed to prevent mold between plastic and your wall... You could run a seal heat extraction system for the light, pulling air from outside, across the light and outside while never sucking the air in the shed out.. then buy a portable a/c unit to cool the shed, don't forget to dump a/c units hot air outside.. then since its a sealed system you would have to introduce co2 back in the shed as needed

My vision was basically this grow shed 8-10 plants with i guess now coated panda film white side up with maybe 400 watt hps/mh with exhaust and intake holes cut in the back side walls with a carbon filter attached to the exhaust piping, and the intake which i was hoping would cool it enough drawing in the air but also to have oscillating fans constantly moving the air around, but do you really think the portable a/c unit would be needed? and is seal heat extraction just kind of piping over the light if that makes sense?e

depends on where you live if you will need the ac unit. At the very best if you didnt follow my picture and went with a rapid air exchange system for the whole shed, you would get lucky to get the inside of your shed 5*f higher than ambient temps
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