8) My seeds are on the way. 1st order, 1st serious grow. I have done a lot of research on this site and it is very helpful indeed. I am still confused on the different types of lights.
Question: If I only want to grow 2-3 plants what is the lowest watt
you would recommend I use. Thinkn 250w flouro
with two old fashion grow bulbs. This should also make
easy to control heat. Of coarse exhaust fans, cooling
Please tell me your opinions and experience with this type of setup.

How much weed do you want? First off, I'd suggest an HPS not a floro.. a 250W HPS will yield a max of 250g of bud.. Thats the MAX.. the min is.. well 1g.. I grow 2 plants and I use a 400W. But the most professional growers get about 1g per watt. But even then its still less than that. So if you want to grow a pound.. get a 600W that should do it for ya (with ideal growing conditions-Hydro system).

Your supposed to be able to get 1g per watt on floros but it has to be actual wattage not the "What it is eqivilent to" But you will have a lot better results with an HPS instead of just a Floro..

This is proof here....

Hope that helps!

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try going to home depot and checking out the outdoor security lamps made by regent. i use 2 70 watt hps lamps made by regent, and i think i am doing fine. my plants dont stretch , and they look pretty full aswell. i only grow a couple at a time too, and my buds work for me. they also make some bigger ones, but the fixtures get to be a bit to bulky. you can get by just fine with 2 70 watters, for what u want to do. just remember to put reflective materials on ur walls and get at least 2 24 inch flourescent or plant growing lights(but 3 would be better) and put them on your walls. it gives your plants a more complete light spectrum. the books i read say u need 10,000 lumens to grow good pot. each 70 watt lamp puts out about 6,000 lumens (give or take very little), giving u at least 12, 000 lumens for 2- 3 plants. that seems perfect to me. and it has worked for me so far. take care, i hope this helped u out some, take care, good growing. 8) 8) 8)

kathryn n diane 5 wks.jpg
look, NO stretching.
front door of grow room.jpg
see, only two 70 watters!!!

*Cough* HPS all the way *Cough*

No Floro grow will compare to an HPS grow. Spend the cash get an HPS you'll be 100 times happier! Trust 99.9% of the professional PS growing crew! :wink:

They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do, just as well. You just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.

i'll second that one!


you can grow under fluoro's we had a deceant harvest.. but we had all the fluro's but a few we had to buy.. this was 560w and it since changing to HPS im finding that they are growing much more dence and i know the buds will be much bigger.
so i'd spend my money on an hps befor sinking my money into that many fluros. but like hp said get a few fluro's in vertically for added blue.. dont need em but its better IMO.

Outdoor security lights are a BIG no no-- they are not HPS or Metal Halide--- they are mercury vapor, hallogen or plain "ol floodlights-- none of them have the right kind of light for plants... bright don't = right kind of light! To get enough floro's, you'd be better off w/ a 250W HPS.. cuz you'll need AT LEAST 6- 4foot fixtures & 8 bulbs-- that's around $100usd
you can get a HPS shipped to you for that!

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sorry babe.. but not all outdoor security lights ar mV some ar hps and MH. i know which one his talking about and they are good but get pretty hot. y7ou'll need a fan on it to exhaughts the heat

it doesn't really get that hot but just to keep it cool, and to have good circulation, i have a 4 inch fan blowing on my lights continiously, and a 4 inch in line fan taking the hot air out of my g room. regent makes 70 watt hps security lamps, and 120 watter as well. they cost 49.95 a piece, and the poney tale cable costs 5.95. you get 6,500 lumens per 70 watt lamp. 2 of them equals 13,000 lumens. that is perfect for a couple or plants. my set up has yielded me some really decent nugs. i got the hps lamp idea out of george cerventes's segment in high times. he specifically tells you about regent and thier hps security lamps. they do make a metal hailide lamp, but it gets to hot, and they don't stock it at my home depot. i'm not trying to be a smart ass at all, just trying to clarify, lady z...cool? have a good night guys. p.s love the new avatar!!(lady z)


A bid thanks out to all of you for your advice. I like to hear both sides of the argument and really dig this forum. So, let me rephrase part of my question if I may?: What set up would give me the best results, the least heat output. ????? I have seen some impressive buds on this site that have been grown with flouro and so many folks speak out against it so I am hesitant and still undecided.

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