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if the mylar is completly free of wrinkles/ creases.. i'd agree with you about hot spots

with all the MYLAR, PANDA, WHITE PAINT talk, i don't use either. what about emergency blankets used for keeping warm, or reflective insulation bought from home depot? i am using both in 2 different grows, and no stretching. nice, fat plants. and the above two refective sources are cheap as hell, and easy to use. no cleaning either. just curious. take care all. 8) 8) 8)

Not sure about white paint being 15% less reflective. I remember reading about Mylar somewhere on the net when I first heard about it. I think it was made much the same way as nylon. Anyway I am sure I heard the statistics of white paint having 95% refectivity as opposed to mylars 98% reflectivity. I can understand wanting to extract that extra 3% of your original light but for my money you cant beat flat white cieling paint. Unless you can get the Mylar film dead flat like wall papper I cant realy see it being that much of an advantage. That extra 3% of reflected light (not total light) would probly be lost with a couple of crinkles. If you were to look at the total light efficiantcey, that 3% would probly drop to about a 1%-1 1.5% advantage. This would then be lost in my opinion by not having totaly flat mylar.

I use flat white paint, and if needed I use panda film to cover holes, gaps and things because it is cheap, and easily avaliable. Our local hardware store (Bunnings for those in Australia) has started stocking some 1/2 decent hydroponics gear including panda film. I feel alot more confident coming out of bunnings with some house hold equiptment and my hydro gear tucked in it than I do coming out of a shop called "BIG BUDS HYDROPONIC SUPPLIES FOR THE SHADIE" with a roll of space age Mylar film under my arm :P
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Well-- I have ONE wall in the other grow are covered in mylar-- and I basically wallpapered it onto a 4x8 sheet of particleboard.
Perfectly flat-- no bubbles-- but a pain in the but to do!
can carefully wipe it with a damp cloth-- but scrub it?? NO WAY!

Guess it all depends on what ya have available to ya, $$$ and how much time & effort ya wanna have to put into it.
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can wrapping paper(the thin plastic type) with a silver side be used in the same way as mylar because it kinda looks and feels the same as mylar

thats right sam there are some people here that use the wrapping paper for thier room and it seems to work very well.

Good to know, since I will be revving up my little grow room for winter soon!
I'm basically working with a little attic type closet, it's about 5' by 4'. Walls on three sides, open in the front- I have to find a decent way to curtain it because NO door is gonna fit uless I spend about $300 on a custom built one!
The roof is slanted, too, just like any attic roof.
I will definitely be decorating it with something reflective, and the dollar store wrapping paper fits my budget about now! I have two 4' fluros, both are the Grow-light variety (cost a bit more but every little bit might help!) to begin with, I plan on adding a few more within the next month as I ready the room. It's VERY dry in there, so humidity will not be a problem!
I'm not an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

When you finish of your room make sure that it is total light proof with no light leaks on your open side. Even the tinyest light will mess up your grow.

hi gunjamama, it sounds like you are heading in the right direction,
will this be in an area you wont need to worry about light during the evening? does this space have a vent, as some attics do. remember to get som osulating fans not only for air circulation but to strengthen stems/stalk. and yes you'll need more than the 2 4ft fluros, grow lights or not it wont be sufficient. i'd get one more 4 ft and tack them all together with sheet metal screws and make it a single unit. plus i'd get high watt CF's. if you need morehelp just PM and i'll help you set up somthing that will give you some decent buds. you may not get as much as an hps grow but enough to be proud of. and good smoke!


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