i live on the sticks' side of the river styx and i cant even get litmus paper to test my compost's pH, in this town let alone clay balls...

lol got a p.o. box I can mail you enough to supply two or three plants, since they are re-useable I will never be able to use them all, as for litmus paper you should be lucky that you can't find it, its near worthless in my opinion. Buy a cheap bag of p.H. stix I think they cost like 7-10 dollars and they are much more accurate.

"Of course I don't follow it. It's a stupid law. If I followed it I would be stupid by proxy"

sweet of you, maybe i should open a hydroponics store, that way i'll be my best customer... lol

you could pay for it by selling the fish you breed

"Of course I don't follow it. It's a stupid law. If I followed it I would be stupid by proxy"

i look forward to seeing your system kost, ive been fine just got a reflacement snail for my other he commited suicide tried to breath air, so i got a green mystery snail

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so this is what i came up with...
the mini buckets with the aerator & stones were ready awhile back.
the driftwood pots were plucked fresh off the beach, soaked in water & by manipulating pieces & holding them together with pegs & fishing line & scooby doos.
the pots fit into the mini dwc buckets (2litres) cool for stage 1 methinks.
i made clay balls from modeling clay and baked them in microwave.
(water soaking & pH test pending)
cut off the neck part of a waterbottle & that fits under the screw-on lid of the bucket.
nice & tight. into that will go the expanding rubber polymer for the seedling or clone (i have a few beans in water right now).


Lookin good

"Of course I don't follow it. It's a stupid law. If I followed it I would be stupid by proxy"

today the roots just hit out the bottom of the net pot crunch time now

tank 033.jpg
tank 032.jpg
tank 031.jpg


I read about this kind of thing on overgrow a while back. I think it can be done, but the effort you have to go through far outweighs the benifits. I think the original concept was to try and make a sustainable ecosystem where all you needed to add was fish food every now and again. The plants were suposed to filter and clean the water at the same time gaining the benifit of nutrients.

Altho I think I will stick to more traditional methods untill someone can show me concreate evidence of this being a truley viable small scale method, I do aplaud you guys for experimenting. You just dont know untill you give it a go and its good to see some people out there testing these methods and applying them to our hobbies.

Good luck with your aquaponics experiment.

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well we wish dank all the best & hope his snails dont commit any more fatal errors.. lol
im looking at pond setups, where the substrate is properly prepared with silt & manure plus the lime and phoshorus, so the fish eat off the manure.
i have 3 large containers that i may begin experiments in, but as you said woody its trial & error & viability. its brewing slowly... but surelly.


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