hey Guys/gals check this out, could become real useful when switching to 12/12. Its called the Sylvania Green 4' T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp and when this floro light is turned on you can see and work during the dark cycle, however your plants are still sleeping.

Here is a link and a description from grow light express (just one of many grow light suppliers that have green light spectrum bulbs)

http://www.growlightexpress.com/fluores ... p-321.html " "

The Sylvania Green 4' T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps with Pentron technology are just what the indoor gardens have been waiting for. The green color is produced by using special phosphors rather than modifying white light sources with external filters. These lamps can be used to light up your garden during the dark cycle. With the Green T5 HO lamps you can see but your plants are still sleeping!

Their are many different brands and and types of light that can emit green light spectrum, the one above is just an example. Apparently the way this works is plants need red or blue spectrum lights for photosynthesis to occur, green light spectrum doesn't make photosynthesis occur which is why its safe during the dark cycle. So basicaly if you turn on a light that emits green light spectrum the plants continue on with the dark cycle like nothing happened. Now some lights may look green but CAN still emit red/blue spectrum so make sure the product claims it can be used during the dark cycle.

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Here is some good evidence that green light spectrum doesn't effect plants in the dark cycle, this was wrote by MR OBVIOUS (I believe a well experienced grower)and here is the link to this topic
post448813.html?hilit=green " " spectrum#p448813

(Im not sure who he was talking to by the way)

"Ok Aj,
I have followed your posts since ya got here,I have for the most part formed my opinion of what you are about.I see most of what you like to do is sling around your vast knowlege of C&P..I'm not saying you might not have some kowlege of your own,after all you have been growing commercially now since you were 6 years old.I can only assume that you are over 18 now,and should have been able to retain much experience in that time.On the other hand,most of us here are more interested in application,than theory.What I mean is that if something works,,and works repetedly,then,guess what,,it works,no matter what your theory suggests.

I won't go into your disregard for the people here who have proven thier knowlege and expertise with thier long term grows and grow threads.Now then,sometimes book sense is a good thing,don't get me wrong here.More to the point,,application is the proof we all look at.I have yet to see you mention any completed MJ grows on your part,and the simple truth of the matter is this,Unless you have experience growing MJ,ya can't have any idea where the differences of growing vegatebles and fruits differ from growing MJ.

Now then as far as the Green Light is concerned.I did an experiment some 2 years ago,with a 13watt cfl green in color.I ran this light during my indoor grows during lights out period while in flower.It ran when the HID's went off..I might add that this experiment went on through 3 complete 12/12 cycles,with different strains..I can atest to the fact that there was,and is,NO ADVERSE effect on the plants what so ever.While I didn't read this info in any book or webpage,,I learned it from first hand experience.

Now then the moral of the story is that although new around here,I'm sure ya have lot's of knowlege that could be useful to many of our members,and I am in noway telling you that you don't..What I am saying though is that as a new member ya realy should try not to have such attitude as I have seen in most all of your posts.People around here are more interested in what you can bring to the table than how much you think you can.

I don't mean to put you in a bad light,I am simply trying to give you some well deserved advice on how to become a valued member,rather than a member that other see as a pain in the ass wind bag.Try to put your knowlege to use in a productive manner and hang around awhile !

So with that said,,have a great day,and enjoy your stay here at the Planet,and remember this,,we don't have any room for "Drama" around here anymore.Please treat members and mods with the respect that you would like to receive and in turn your stay here could be enjoyable for all !


The Government says the Chicago Outfit is Evil. Gambling, Loan Sharking, and Drugs, this is all a choice that we make or avoid, they just supply the demand


Yeah there have been a few posts regarding using green lights during flowering. No doubt they do work.

How often do you really have to work during lights off time ?

Why cant the work be done during lights on time ?

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HeroHater wrote:How often do you really have to work during lights off time ?

Why cant the work be done during lights on time ?

I was going to ask the same thing.

Plants can see green light. but they cannot absorb any of it, so it wont hurt them.,
Easy fix, have the lights on when you want to do anything with the plants, and let them sleep when they are spose to sleep.
Cannabis plants dont need sleep, but it helps them heal.

I have an answer as to why someone might need to 'work during lights off time' and hence would be interested in a green light bulb.

If someone can switch from 24 hours electicity rate to a day night rate and save money by flowering during the night. Maybe they are really busy and also sleeping during the time when the lights are on and they haven't managed to water their plants for a couple of days then it might come in handy.

Sure I agree its best just to work during 'day time' when the lights are on for sure. Its just sometimes its good to have that 'backup' you dig :)

I'd be interested in getting a green light head torch, that would be cool.

I can answer the "why..."
Because often, people (like draig and I) have to have the lights ON only at night, because of the heat...
IF we aren't here- or awake, or forget (*whatever*)-- then we might need to "pop-in" for a minute to trim, check a pH or snag a clipping....

Never TRIED the green light-- but we do not interrupt their beauty sleep often enough to cause a problem...yet.

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the only prob with a light cycle at night is your meter is spinning ridiculously when most of your lights are out in the house

every1 is at home. tvs r left on at night, heater/ac is on. u prob use more power at night than u do during the day. i know im up til 3, 4, sometimes 5am playing video games.
most ppl use more electricity at night than the day. its called work lol


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