I have 4 clones and they are 3 days old. I'm trying to encourage them to grow roots by using the plasitc bag method. I put them in some soil (Black Gold, with perlite), then I dipped the ends of the cutting in powdered rooting hormone and put them in the soil (in a plastic pot, of course). Then, I administer carbon dioxide into the plastic bag by breathing into it and sealing tight.

Enclosed is a pisture of their growing environment. What I want to know is:

1. How often should I give them carbon dioxide (breathe into the bag)?
2. What do I do about the moisture build-up in the bag?

Any advice is helpful. Thank you.

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I've never seen the bag system before but I do know that if you have the clones in good soil, and if you spray them with water everyday they will root in about 2 weeks. Your light is good for raising clones. Good luck with those.

Have you got any pics of your clones?

My God. We've had cloning in the South for years. It's called cousins.

isnt this on another post too? o well gett all the tips same height from light.......and keep those bags humid enuff to let the plant feed through its leaves till the roots develop


I took a class on making cutting and they said that there is enough water in the soil for the cuttings. I was told to resist the urge to water them.

And yes, I did post another picture like this one another post.

There's blood when I wipe!

yes, but u need o keep it humid that way the cutting(s) that doesnt have roots yet will need too feed off the moisture through is leaves untill it can develop a root system substantial enough to support it....hope that clears it up and helps...good luck


But I read somewhere that too m cuh moisture will kill my plants and they'll just rot away. How much is too much moisture?

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There's blood when I wipe!

thats greentoes with the avatar and humidity will encourage moisture retention in your clones during the rooting stage, anything can kill a plant if left unchecked though so always know how your babies are doing

It's good to spray the leaves as they do draw the moisture that way. Watering the soil on the other hand is different and can cause the stem of your clone to rot. Thats happened to me before. Spraying theleaves is a good thing though. I recommend you use a drop or 2 of superthrive in the water you use. They love it.

My God. We've had cloning in the South for years. It's called cousins.

Should the soil at least be damp at any time during the rooting stage? And is superthrive completely organic? If not does anyone know of an organic rooting solution?

you want your roots to have a moist medium but you dont want to singularly provide water through the growing medium because they require so much moisture having a very humid dome or space with a damp medium is best IMO


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