Wud up. I bought these nutes yesterday because they were recomended by my local greenhouse employee. Really funny actually i was in there for about an hour with three of my freinds and he came up to me to see if i needed help. I asked him about fox farms soil for my trans. and he told me they were out and recomended promix. I had a bottle of superthrive in my hand and i asked him about it and he said it was balls. Then he asked what i was growing and i said tomatos then paused and added that they were indoor with a slight smile on my face. As soon as i said that he looked me right in the eye and said "Are you trying to grow the good shit or what" under his breath sort of. After that he said put that down and follow me. He then showed me these two products and went on explaning why he uses this. He claims he grows around 60 indoor "tomatos" and he also said he grows pumpkins for contests that are around 1000 pounds. ANYWAY has anyone used these called ALASKA MORBLOOM 0-10-10 (stimulates budding n blooming) and NEPTUNES HARVEST seaweed fert at 0-0-1?????? My last setup started with those incandescents and really small pots and mg. Now its 3 five gallons, promix, 3 26w cfls, and the nutes. Major upgrade right?

balls? good balls or bad balls? how bout the morbloom?

yea i use that neptune.its some stinky ass shit

Iam just the guy who waters them.Great Genectics, Foxfarm nutes,and Promix bx do all the work.keep the level high

hey evil you use this stuff? Good results? How often do you use it? How much do you use when you feed? Is it enough "food" for the plant during veg? should i use the more bloom for flowering and use the neptune for veg? please help

Superthrive is GREAT-- alaska Morebloom is good during blooming to boost P-K.. but You still have nothing with "N" in it for growing-- and you also need micronutes--
see what they have with an N-P-K like 5-2-6 (Ionic Grow) or any one-part system for vegging.. then, when you switch to 12/12-- you'll start slowly adding the More-bloom and Neptune harvest to boost the bud production..
but remember-- no veg= no bud---and no Nitrogen= no veg and a quickly dead plant!

Let us know what ya get, and we'll help w/ mixing info if ya need it!

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Thanks smokey! But what z said put everything into prespective. My current reggimate lacks nitrogen and I dont think any plant can thrive without. My neptunes is the seaweed not the fish so its 0-0-1 where as the fish is different having all three elements! Nonetheless I will slowly reintroduce these two nutes in my 12/12 cycle for the buds. Again thanks zandra! For now though im going walk to home depot to get ionic grow or something similar. But what should i steer clear of over there?

higher nitrogen right. So could you pretty much label nitrogen as the most important factor for vegging? But shultz sounds good ill choose wisely. thanks!

P.s. micronutes? one shot deal as well?

I used more bloom. Its decent stuff. It gave me huge nugs, but they didnt weigh out to much.

Wickedness! I bought the fish fert at 5-1-1 on the first and fed on the second of april. I introduced a quarter teaspoon per quart of water for the first feeding. I also included a quarter teaspoon of the mor bloom and slight scowtch of the harvest. Since then my babies look very happy and healthy with exponential growth almost 5 inches and about 4 nodes in seven days!

Heres what im planning:

Im wanting to feed another moderate dose of the fish fert before switching to 12/12 maybe a full dose instead of halfing it good idea? I just want to promote another shot of good stong growth befor my flowering. Ill probably up the amount a little bit tomarrow night and then switch over to 12/12 on friday after two or three regular waterings during the week.

Than I was thinking if i should add less of the fish fert and start introducing more of the bloom n harvest for the flowering stage wich will last approx. 8-10 weeks. Question though should i depleat my fish fert usage and up my bloom n harvest to prevent burn or other complications? should i continue my half dose of all three nutes through out the flowering stage? Anyone advice from someone with first hand experiance with this stuff would be much appreciated or just any advice in general thanks everybody

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