Hi PS folks,

I just picked up some BioBizz ferts from the local hydro store. I"m wondering if anyone has used these before. I tripled the amount recommended and still ended up with a PPM below 600.

I'm using the Grow and the Alg-Mic


Any help or info would be appreciated.


The 420Gardner

You will want to be careful adding tripple amounts of stuff. How long does the label say it takes to stabilize? I use the flora series myself and when I drop in a teaspoon of each my TDS is what I call perfect at 1200. Do you know of or have you calibrated your TDS meter lately? I do mine twice each grow, at 4.01, 7.01 and 1500 PPM. Sometimes I find it has changed and sometimes its just a little off. Do you have the calculation table for that meter? Sometimes you get a meter that gives you a specific reading then you have to calulate the outcome. Sucks when you have to do it that way. I am usually too stoned to worry about thing like numbers and such. One more thing you can check. Fertilizer has a shelf life. There may be someplace on the bottle that gives you the expire date or you can call the manufaturer or look it up on the net and find it for yourself. You might be using ferts that are much older then you think. Could be your local garden center does not get a lot of call for that product and he has had it on his shelf a while you know?


The TDS meter (HM Digital) didn't come with any instructions for recalibrating, but I haven't noticed any changes when I used the meter in my other nutrient solution. I'm definitely wary of using such high doses, but I'm perplexed by the low readings. I checked the count about an hour ago and it was still right around 600.

Is it possible that there's some difference because the BioBizz products are organic?

So, has anyone used the BioBizz ferts before? I remember seeing this brand when I was in Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup and I was interested in trying them out. I'm hoping someone out there has tried these before and can offer some input.

Peace & thanks,

the 420Gardener

Well, I will tell you what. Most of thsoe meters come from the factory calibrated but they dont stay that way. All you need to do is get a small bottle of calibrating solution, the one that has the 1500 reading. Put your probe in it and there is a small screw someplace on your meter you will adjust until your meter reads 1500. Same for the PH meter. There is a two solution test kit and recalibrate kit for these. One is 4.01 and the other is 7.01 Starting with the 4, you put your probe in and turn the little screw until it reads 4.0. If you are using a multi meter, that is a digital meter with the PH and TDS on the same meter, there will be two sets of these screws, one for PH and one for TDS. To answer your question, yes, I have used them. What is it that you are using right now, the Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Root Juice, Alg-A-Mix, Top Max or the Buzz Off? All are good but they also all have different applications so you need to be careful with them. I would go for the adjustment. I think that is about as close to your particular problem as we are going to get. You need to have the ps around 1.5 which is 1500 and the PH when using these ferts MUST be maintained at 6.


I'm using the Gro and Alg Mic.

Do you remember the amounts you used when you were using this brand?


The 420Gardener

I have never used them but i have heard that they work very well. I would give them a shot if i were you. Its always good to experiment with new ferts!

I used them in 1/8th teasooon increments. Since I did not know exactly what it was I was putting on my plants. That bunches labeling leaves a lot to be desired and their web site is not much more informative.


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