Well ive been doing my homework but havent came to a solid answer yet so i figured id ask yall,here goes,from the time your plants begin to flower until harvest time,what is the average time span between those events for an all flouro grow,ive read all sorts of things but the facts seem vey vague and unexplained,any suggestions will be helpful,thanks and happy growin!


alawys good to hear from a mod,thanks for the words ferengi


when you buy seeds from a good seedbank like PS it usually tells you an approx time for that type of strain, and i still consider myself a beginner even tho this is my 3rd grow, so i follow the breeders flowering time...its best to do so coz that they way the breeder meant that strain to be growin

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well truthfully i only have 4 weeks of grow time left,harvesting at this time will only hurt yield right,the quality should still be there right?


if u harvest to early it will not be as potent as mj that has been fully grown this is because most of the thc and resin build up is at the very end of the growing cycle (last 2/3 weeks of growth)



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