Im lookin for a strain that will do well in a closet (3'x3'x5'=LxWxH) and stink as little as possible or at least produce a non cannabis maybe floral, friuty, sweet kind of smell. Any ideas anyone.

Ya know smokey ya forgot to mention the Celtic Stone line of seeds. CS is very easy to grow, is an indica dominant strain, has negotiable odor, high yeilds, very resisitant to disease, mold, and insects and recovers really well while experimenting or in your case King, learning.

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What do you mean by negotiable odor? What does it smell like? I have a large window in my room, would a fan blowing air out of my closet toward the window or a fan in the window blowing fresh air in help cut down on odor in the house?

I know i got 4 strains goin.....but 2 are CS strains (CB and BS) and you CAN SMELL them....when i move them for pics or feedings...the whole house smells BIG TIME...and I keep the plants in my room...and I smell it through the house!

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What about blueberry, doesnt that smell like blueberries or some fruity, sweet type shit other than stankin ass weed?

northern lights speacial from kc brains the ones i got don't realy smell like pot more like a marigold

check this out


How dependable are those carbon scrubbers? Do they completely nuetralize the smell or just stop it from getting around the entire room or house?

Yea, Northern lights is about as low odour as you can get.
Celtic Stone although a great plant, does stink.
I had mine up to their 3rd week in flower, and it stunk the house out.

Carbon filters, do just that they filter the odour. They can play up in high humidity areas.

I used to use ozone and it KILLS the smell. but if used wrong, can make a smell of its own.


kali mist by serious seeds is real low odor


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