So, about 2 months ago my local (southern California) medical mj shop had a strain called "Blue Dragon". They have not been able to find the strain since and I can't seem to find the seeds anywhere.

Has anyone heard of Blue Dragon? Any ideas where I might be able to lay my hands on some seeds? I'd love to get some girls going and send some clones to the medical mj folks in town.

Blue Dragon was absolutely the best smoke I have ever had. Truly "one-hit shit".



many times those are grown (and named) By someone who grows for the suppliers...and if the supplier changes growers, they lose that strain... It could have been something he crossed himself!

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Lady Zandra,

I've considered that, but I'm hoping that someone out there may have access to the strain. Blue Dragon has become the stuff of legend around here... people are asking the medical mj providers for it daily.



Blue Dragon is just blueberry crossed with sour diesel you could make your own


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