IMO make 2 rooms with black and white plastic and have a veg room and a flower room, you could just use a few 200w envirolites for the veg room and your 400w for the flower room,

i'd say you would get more from yield from this way coz you will be harvesting at leats every 2 months, so the !lb from 1 plant ain't nessesary coz you will be harvesting enuff to last you till your next harvest so the !lb mark aint really needed...

The buds produced by a 400 watt are too airy. Impossible, probably not, but I highly HIGHLY doubt that you could yield a pound from such a light. My yield more than doubled after I got a 600w light with hortilux bulb. I'm almost positive that if I had grown one plant under it and vegged it for 3 months that I could have yielded a pound from it. If not, it would be very close to it.

Wise Man wrote:not enough light?..LST my friend LST..or tie some of the leaves back,just read a shit load of info about growing before u start growing,and i suggest when u start make a topic about your grow on here supplied with pics details ect:..this way everyone can give there opinions and there helping u do it!
dude iam a pro save all that thanks everybody for all that input

I reckon it could be done with a 400 watt light. It would probably be easier if you used aeroponics in a scrog. But I agree with mental. If you are measuring yield/year/metre there are better ways. But it would make for a great photo and bragging rights. :)

i only veged my for 3 and a half weeks, there fucking huge, they both have there own 600watt hps, it could be possible, il let you know in 2 more


mean bro mean

Those are big, and look great! But I don't think you will get 16 ounces dry. That would be 2 ounces a cola with 8 colas. Not going to happen after they loose 70%+ their weight in the drying and curing.

i get 1 pound from me 600w hps
with a screen fro scrog and 3 plants under
1metre area bend and tie bend and tye
reap the rewards come harvest
scroggs the way to go imo
and 600w 400s arent anywere near the quality imo

Of course you can get a pound from a 400 watt light

A 600 is going to gi9ve bigger buds but a well scrogged plant or plants with the right additives and growing experience should be pulling you 1 p minimum

@ Mr skunk visual pictures can mean nothing IMo harder more indica dom plants can look smaller but weigh more, then include shit like s bud or rock juice or any paclo product and ya got buds that used to weigh about 5 to 6 gms dry now weighing 12 or more. a 400 should cover a 1meter square if ya cant pull a pound from that then you havent got shit sorted properly yet.You will always get bigger buds with more light from a 600 but then id be looking at pulling even more weight from my 1meter square.

unsane - beyond sanity - and yet not insane..............................................................

i cant spell ........who gives a shit

shit ya can easily get 36 1/2 ounce plants on 1 by 1 meter square using a 400 so some of the answers are bewildering

unsane - beyond sanity - and yet not insane..............................................................

i cant spell ........who gives a shit


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