i got a 400 watt hps i grow in a small closet bout 6 7 feet tall is it better to grow a couple of plants in a small room in big pots to get more yield then a bunch of plants in medum pots i saw icky sticks report he had two plants in big buckets with good room is that the key for a big yield big pots and room but can one plant produce a pound holla

one plant could yeild a pound, it would take a long veg time, with scrog and alot of training. probably not with a 400. its always worth a try. the longer the veg, the bigger the harvest.

Not under a 400 watt if you care about quality.

Now a single bush vegged for 3-4 months and then flowered, all under a 1k would yield above a pound.

Under a 400 watt any plant of size would not get enough light on the bottoms. I would clone that one plant and do a sea of green.

not enough light?..LST my friend LST..or tie some of the leaves back,just read a shit load of info about growing before u start growing,and i suggest when u start make a topic about your grow on here supplied with pics details ect:..this way everyone can give there opinions and there helping u do it!

Many different growing methods. I veged plant for 2 months it got to 4 foot i cut top of node and transplanted to pot and put plant sideways. Plant at first stressed and then fully recovered and leaves all bent towards light but sideways. Now the 400 hps covers the entire plant from head to bottom giving each branch sufficent light. Its covered in buds now and is going to produce a nice amount.

I get over a pound per plant outdoors "usually" the plants are like 9 ft.; indoors with a 400 no. Go for quality not quantity indoors. keep it on the shorter side, LST if you want to get more from one plant.


You wont get a pound LST or not. There is simply not enough light coverage. There is a 3' diameter of goo spectrum light on a 400. 3' in all directions, so with a reflector you will get about 80% of the concentration in the first 2' and after it drops way off.

It would take 16 colas each weighing an ounce. If you think you can get 16 colas in 3' space, have them all even in height, and know your shit, then grow it and post it. But i'm saying naw on this.


Just curious to get feedback, I agree on the 3 ft. theory that was thrown out but in indoor yeilds for plant they are given by cubic meter by seedbanks. A lot of the sratins yeild up to 500gr per 3 X 3 X 3. it would be easiest to utilize a SCoG but couldn't one well grown plant yeild up to 500gr per cubic meter in a "perfect" setup? Anyone play with aeroponics?

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