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Chicken shit is one of the best fertilizers around. I have chickens here too but I dont use their poop. Reason is there are so many diseases that chickens have that can be passed on to man. Especially the new Avian flu thats going around. But it is great fertilizer. The tea, well I would have to imagine what they do is just mix it with water and pour it on. I used to live in Louisiana and let me tell you what makes the best fertilizer in the WORLD. Down there we used to eat a lot of crabs and shrimp and crawfish. If you incinerate the shells, they turn to a white powder. This powder can be sprinkled on, put in water and poured on, whatever but I have seen some MONSTER pot grown with this stuff. I had a friend down there that got SEVEN POUNDS from 1 plant. It was one of those 20 foot monsters you sometimes hear about. All he did was about once a week he woudl go out and throw a few handfulls of this powder around his plants and leave. HE did this by boat because he was planting guerilla on the INtercoastal Canal. Only way there was by boat. GRew some really good shit that guy did. HEll, on the fun side his personal stash was kept in one of those huge green plastic garbage bags under his kitchen sink. Whenever he needed a refil, he would jsut reach in and grab up a handful. It was wild. More pot then a guy could smoke in a lifetime from one fucking plant. Wild for sure. But to answer your question, yes, Chicken Shit makes great ferts. Just mix it with water and go. However, there is so MUCH nitrogen in it, you still need to be careful about how it is diluted, and for that answer you would need someone else because I dont have a clue. The tea part is simple, how MUCH of this tea to sue is not. sorry dont mean to steal the thread i would just like nimbus to please elaborate on the ur saying all i have to do is start eating alot of crabs shrimp and crawfish....then save the shells and crush into powder and just use that for my fertilizer from veg to harvest......??????? have u tried.....Smokey man if i was u forget the chicken shit and go to the seafood store and start buying shell fish. if it works that good
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We used to incinerate it with a butane flame. It turned to a white powder real quick. We used to get shells by the bushell. Lots of them. It was the best way to get rid of it all. The garbage men used to have their ways to retaliate against anyone who put the shells in the trash because of the odor, so it was best to burn them. Man, it does make good fertilizer. Guess maybe because it comes from the sea and has everything in it a man could want. The powder is almost like talc.

Goddamn, how long did it take to grow 20 friggen feet tall. I can't imagine having a plant tall enough to reach out my second story bedroom window and grab a bud off a lower branch.

Thats my plan for summer. I wanna buy the outdoor pack from Sensi seeds, maybe grow them to seedlings maybe just seeds and put them in the ground in the woods by my house and let nature do the rest. It's safe and easy to maintain since all i'd have to do is go there with ferts every once in a while. Hopefully i'll end up with some enormous buds.

You might be surprised at your yeilds when you grow outside. I think the reason most people dont is because of the stealth factor. Much easier and a lot fo different ways to get caught growing outside, so you guys need to be careful. I was growing in my back yard last year and part of this year. We have an 8 foot privacy fence here and one night, I went to bed the plants were tall. NExt mornign when I got up to check them, they were all far taller then the fence so I had to tie them down. And I tied, and I tied and I tied. Seemed like every day. Plus, I had the bugs and other elements to deal with that I did not like so now I grow inside exclusively. If you guys do an outdoor grow, just be very careful. Pot does seem to do a lot better when planted outside though.

No. Actually there is a story behind it that I dont wanna tell.

I would really like to know how much dry weight I would get from like 15 female plants fully grown outdoors. I can't wait for spring...

Hey guys, If ya don't believe Nimbus, look into Fox Farms soils as one of thiers has that mixture in it along with other seafood items.
This is some of the best soils on todays market for growing MJ in.
Ask the herds of growers out there using it including "Nimbus".
Bat Guano, chicken poop, fish heads, it all works people. Knowing how to use it is the question right?
Good luck and don't burnem.
Can you hear me now ??

on the same idea as Alienated...... fox farms website has this ........looks like it might be good
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