My clones have spider mites!!!

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My clones have spider mites!!!
hey guys. first time grower here. i purchased 25 clones from a friend of a friend about 12 days ago. within the past three days, they have started to show their roots.. about 22 out of 25 have roots so far. i have been very happy the past few days, until tonight, when i discovered....SPIDER MITES.

they are everywhere dude. i cant believe it. i guess i got screwed.

any advice on treating spider mites where clones are concerned? i have read about many solutions such as liquid sea weed, dish soap, no pest strips, ladybugs, etc.. but whats best for 12 day old clones?

any advice much appreciated... i hope this is not the beginning of the end. :(
My clones have spider mites!!!
don't worry yet! you have two options, first is check out the link below on how to make organic garlic spray to kill just about any plants, and totally safe to use on mj. second you could get some neem oil from a local hydro store if there's one near you and mix that per the label's instructions. some home improvement stores also have pest sprays although not all these can be used on mj, some of them will kill it!

the garlic spray stinks but works, i use a neem oil mixture myself. good luck! hope you kill those nasty fucks. <-trippa's organic garlic spray
My clones have spider mites!!!
thanks somehydroguy.

do you think i will be fighting off webs and mites for the rest of the grow? someone told me i should scrap the whole batch and disinfect the room and start over. i would hate to do that as thats two weeks and $100 down the drain. dont wanna make the wrong choice tho. i felt such a great sense of pride getting these babies to root, i really dont wanna let those little fuckers take them away from me....
My clones have spider mites!!!
just a long term idea....companion planting....sprinkle some chive seed on top of your planters and barely rake them in....chives do a good job keeping spidermites, fungus gnats and thrips and most other bugs off your babys...they have really small root systems so they wont invade the roots of your plants and then you can have sour cream and chive baked potatoes after you smoke your buds:)...
My clones have spider mites!!!
no i'd say you'd be fine be sure to follow a couple pointers tho.

since you have an HID don't spray your plants while the light is on, the water on the leaves will act like a magnifying glass for the light anf burn your leaves. for later on during 12/12 spraying keep a smaller light on above to keep enough light for your plants to see but not enough to burn their leaves. once no more of the water is on the leaves then you can switch your HID back on.

those people you got the advice from are half correct, the spider mite eggs aren't killed by the neem/garlic spray so once a week you should spray down your whole room and plants to kill any that might have hatched. however don't spray the last week or two if possible.
My clones have spider mites!!!
thanks for the tips dude. i'll re read them tomorrow when i'm not as stoned as i am now......
My clones have spider mites!!!
get 1/4 pound of the hottest peppers you can find and blend them up in a food processor or blender.
pour in 2 cups of water, blend again.
strain mixture with a coffee filter slowly.
add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap ( original dawn works best)
mix with 1 gallon of distilled or teped water.
mist plants daily right at time of lights out or move light high above the canopy.
do not allow mist to spray on hid bulbs. bug repellent..... not get into your eyes and wash your hands before going to the bathroom...ouch.
My clones have spider mites!!!
I got spite mites and plan on putting them out side will that take care of them and how long will it take the mites to affect my plants?