is a deep water culture a good grow op?

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is a deep water culture a good grow op?
im thinking about deep water culture to grow my bud max of 4 plants because it is cheap and easy to make and has good results but what i really want to know is the PROS v.s the CONS of a deep water culture op
is a deep water culture a good grow op?
Water will not hold as much oxygen as air so an air pump is used to keep the water aertated. This also cause water vapor which rises through the loose growth medium such as Hydroton Expanded Clay Grow Media. It is slower than aerponic grwowing but is safer as it is not as prone to complete plant die off from power outages. there is the problem that most deep water set ups are too shallow so the plants roots quickly out grow the medoium and start d filling the water reservoir where the oxygen levels are lower and it alos tends to grtaetly reduce the amount of water vapor atht becomes avilable y to the growth mediums roots and it decreases the total amount of nutrient water in the reservoir The better systems are DIY. The better om nes have about 12 inches of clay pellet medium held above the water by plasitic light grating cover with fiberglass screen. These are set up om PVC pipe platforms in 5 gallon buckets. A uniseal with a short piece of pie and a ball valve u is used to drain the nutrient water as needed. Three or four air hoses are simply put into the top and runs to the bottom of the bucket where each one is teed off to two air stones. Only one or two of the top air lines are used at a time with the others being used as back ups. New nutrient water is simply poured in from the top after the old is drained out. To be better adjusted a second hole is put in at top of the normal nutrient water level and a rubber plug or corks etc is put in the hole. every day the hole is unplugged and additional water RO or tap etc is added until a little water exits the top. Drain the nutrient water every 4 or five days and replaced it with new nutrient water. Buy only good quality high volume air pumps. You do not need high pressure just high volume.
is a deep water culture a good grow op?
DIY ?????
is a deep water culture a good grow op?
DIY = Do it Yourself
is a deep water culture a good grow op?
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is a deep water culture a good grow op?
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