A freind and I were talking and they were saying that they thought it would be a good idea to dry pot in a cold closet, one at least as cold as a fridge, things dont quite freeze in there but its cold. I say its a bad idea cuz of how cold it is, I think it might preserve the pot and all the chlorophyl with it, can anyone tell me if this is a bad idea and why? I have heard its ok to store it in colder temps but not until its dried and cured.

I agree with ferengi here.......you want to dry slow, but you want to get the moisture out of the bud so you don't develope mold....If you dry to fast it becomes harsh.

I take about a week and a half to 2 weeks to dry.

If I had a knotch in my bed post for every joint I smoked......Hell I would be sleeping in saw dust !!

I live in a cold place (check ur fridge- Im the guy that puts the light on and off when u close the door) any way i find the best place to dry it is the garage or any place there is air flow- dont need warm temps just a gentle air flow. It is also very wet where i live and if this happens it puts moisture in the air that means it take longer to dry. As long as it dries - the more naturally the better.
I have also read that heat and light are ur enemy as far as thc degredation are concerned but i have never noticed any difference between buds dried in garage with small window- get dim daylight and those in a totally dark sealed cupboard in same garage.
But have noticed a dedredation with buds dried in same room with grow lights still being used- heat and light does that at those extremes.

Might as well enjoy yourself as you are a long time dead


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