fish emulsion ?

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fish emulsion ?
ok, i finally got some fish emulsion. the directions on the bottle say 1 tbl spoon per 1 gal of water, and water plants every three weeks. that means i only use fe 3 or 4 times during the entirety of the grow? does anyone have any suggestions on a watering regime with the emul. the type i have is, alaska fish fertilizer 5-1-1. my girls (i hope) are 3 weeks old and i use mir gro now. any help will be appriciated.
fish emulsion ?
Well, that probably about right. I use other types of organics myself and they all basically work the same. So, yeah, thats about right. I know around here we advocate watering when its dry down two inches, however, nothing is ever said about what goes on BELOW those two inches which in most cases is good. It does not really matter when a plant reaches a certain size in order to water it well. Once every three weeks is probably more then enough for any grow. Except of course for hydro. I mean, the roots on larger plants are much longer then two inches so what goes on in the famous two inch rule we seem to be stuck on just does not matter see? The roots are getting theirs from farther down then that anyway so....
fish emulsion ?
i know some strains dont care that much about water one WR seedling was lost in a storm and found a week later out of its pot dry as cement another unkown adult female died beause of transplant so she died off no leaves nothin.. and two weeks later with out being waterered the pot dirt shrunk around inside the pot it was dry as a bone but had one two small branches with starter buds. you sure can definately over water but under water i dont think it needs as much as some people think.
fish emulsion ?
as far as water & Ferts-- some people WAY over-do!
water ONLY when the top 2 inches of soil have completely dried, but no deeper than 3 inches! Then water enough that after about 20 minutes, a few drops come out the bottom.

You do realize that JUST fish emulsion alone is NOT enough for your plants? You need a balance of N-P-K AND a BUNCH of minerals just not found in fish emulsion!

Go to the Tutorials index (link below!) and look atthe different tutorials on nutes-- verry helpful!

And NEVER use nutes at full stregnth! most use em at 1/2 stregnth and use every other, or every 3rd watering session.

good Luck!
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fish emulsion ?
well in my expierence ive had plants grow with just water... ofcourse not the best quality but it does grow. so dont let anyone tell you thay you need all these substances. i mean you do if you want really really good quailty , but the more you mess with thos things the more you have a chance of killing your plant. in my case ive gorwn DANK with just water good temp control and fish emolsion. it all depends on the person !
fish emulsion ?
You don't do things by halves you do it to the MAX what you put in is what you get out of this plant you take all that risk and time and effort to grow it do it well and she will reward you with out fail. She's a high maintenance lady that loves you spending money on her. N.P.K and add S you got the makings of a great plant look at the weeds or grass in you vegetable garden compare to the weeds outside your garden big difference on look and size. Do a job and do it properly