FLowering height.

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FLowering height.
I jsut wanted to see what the general consensus on flowering height was. Ive heard some people say that the plant will double in height, and now just recently I heard someone say the plant could QUADRUPLE in height.
Which is it?
FLowering height.
It's a few things that are involved.
First the genetics of the strain. Some plants just grow huge some stay short. Like everything in the world.
The veg time that a plant is grown. A mature plant will grow larger than a immature or young plant.
How close ur lights are . A close light will keep a plant more compact opposed to a light that is further away and will cause the plant to stretch (which will add to the size).
So a few thing are involved and IMO there is no simple answer like 2 X bigger or 4X bigger. The plant will grow larger during flower and can triple in height but not mandatory that it does. It's just something ppl use to plan a grow space (IE time to set into flower, what method to use while growing and so on).

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FLowering height.
Hey thanks, you are very helpful. Im using CFLs, and I keep them very close to the plant at all times. It makes since that it differs by strain. IM just worried that I have veged them for too long, and that they will grow too large during flowering for the space that have made for them.

I hope I havent vegged them for too long! THat would suck to walk into my grow room one day and have my plants touching the ceiling!

I guess a more straightforward question is:

By keeping my CFLs close, would it significantly cut down that height? or will the plant still triple in size regardless of having my lights very close?
FLowering height.
If your plants start getting too big to where you feel uncomfortable just LST my brotha... :) :) :) (Kinda wanna keep an eye on their growth and see how fast they are growing to judge your heigth and time available tho.....)
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