well i was walking into my apt today and noticed a familiar smell outside...one that i dont want escaping my apt :/ , so whats a good way to get rid of the smell from growing?


There is a few ways to build them yourself, all ya need is some activated carbon, available at most pet stores, and some other odds and ends. Have a look around and I am sure you will find one that you could make. If thats not a option, then I would go buy a carbon scrubber from a grow shop......Good luck !!!!

MAke sure you get on it right away, smell is one of the easiest ways of getting busted....Good luck!


yup-- either an in-line fan with a carbon scrubber or an ozone generater.... while ya wait to get one-- get a good air filter with a carbon pre-filter to put in the grow area-- they have em for around $75 at Home Depot and Lowes.... also spray every day with fabreeze (curtains, furniture & carpet-- don't forget closets or YOU will smell too!)
also-- put fabric softener sheets in all the windowsills and air vents!
This is a temporary cover-up until ya get a real solution!

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My growroom is outside and i have a similar smell problem. A plumber friend of mine suggested i use a "soil stack". These are usually used to get rid of the smell of human waste (or shit, using the true meaning of the word) Basically he suggested i buy a small extractor fan, fit it inside the room and link it to a pipe that runs outside and then links to the guttering of my house. The smell should pass through the pipe, up the guttering and then at the very top of my house get blown away by the wind.
I was going to fit this at the weekend, unless anyone can give a good reason why i shouldn't.

what if it rains...?

aka Dutch Master

what he said^ if it rains you will flood you growroom???

well seeing your friend a plumber and not a grower...lol

get a carbon filter, you wont regret it, and you can put a price on good securicty measures...

If it rains the water goes down the guttering in to the drain like it should. The pipe attaching my growroom to the guttering will be set at a slight downward angle, as far as i know there is only a few places in the world where water runs uphill. lol.
Carbon filters sound good, and i agree you can not put a price on good security, however 1 income and 5 children....i need to work with what i can afford.
1 x Extractor fan £5
1 x 6ft length of plastic tube £2

well a £5 extractor wont push throught a 6ft length, it wont be powerfull enuff, you will need a decent inline fan for that mush push and that will set you back a few £££, now a fan and fitler is only about £80 so its not that much money for it, also if one of your nieghbours get a sniff of the weed you will end up with a knock on your door from your local police dept...

if you can smell it your niegbours will defo sme4ll it

Thanks Mentalbhoy
I have decided to take your advice seeing that you are far more experienced in this field than my plumber friend, also the last thing i need is the babylon knocking on my door at 6am!!

Or BUSTING it down without knocking


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