Does anyone have any experience with using Ethyl to get more females from a mixed crop. I read about using apples but this method doesnt seem too condusive to a 20' by 25' room. I read about spraying the plants with Ethyl also. Any comments would be appreciated. Have a good day......Richard

Dont waste your time, I tried the bananna theory years ago, nothing changed still had males.

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Grow healthy plants to begin with and that will give you the best outcome IMO.

healthy plants, blue spectrum lighting, can't get no better chances to get females than that unless you buy fem seeds. lol. GL bubba!
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yep-- even if the genetics aren't for a "true" female-- they'll still "pop" and grow as females as long as you keep the temps lower in veg, keep the pH and nutes righ from day one, use blue or wide-spectrum light in veg, and don't try to rush flowering.

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Yeah and if your clumsy like me and alot of other stoners I know. It would prolly do you good to get the most simple but effective nute line you can. There are some out there that are only part A and part B nutes. Use A during veg and B during bloom. and thats it. Dont go usin dam FF and GH thats like a damn chemistry set. A little bit of this, and a little more of this, mixed with some of that and topped off with that. I like what Lady Z showed me, the "Ionics" nute line. Its just Ionics Grow and Ionics Bloom. They have a booster too you can use, but not necessary, thats just all up to preference. Pluss its pH balanced. Hope the best for you man. I know if I was doing indoors and had a plant that if I gave ANY stress too it might hermi, I'd be screwed lol!! Thats just my luck. This is another reason why on my grow comin up soon, you will see all my plants spread out to where you cant see one batch from the next. Cause my luck, someone would get em all at once. lol Like they did last year. And those were just supposed to be outside temporarily cause of social services issues. Took like 2 days gone lmao. Gl bro. I'm real bad about rambeling on. Just be glad you dont know me in the real world when I'm stoned. I dont STFU lol
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