I was wondering if anyone has used fox farms happy frog potting soil and if you had problems with ph being low.
Got a bag to try out and ph is in the low 5 right out of the bag.

I use Happy Frog without issues... the PH of my tap water is on the high end.

I use Happy Frog without issues... the PH of my tap water is on the high end.


KC-39 at end of grow. Happy Frog soil.

I also use Happy Frog; but sometimes cut 50/50 with PromixHP.. I only do this to be able to feed earlier, but without having to feed from the very beginning... But all in all, Happy Frog is damn good soil.. :wink-big:

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Hey Pickin Buds, Happy Frog is used by some here, I used Ocean Forest this first grow (the Fox Farms products are all top notch stuff) I will probably do a mix of Ocean Forest/Happy Frog next time, as HF has the micohrizzzilliyitch, whatever that beneficial thingy is in it for the soil, is not in the Ocean Forest. Don't think you could go wrong using it.

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Almost ANY highly nutrient-dense soil (as opposed to inert mediums) will change the pH-- that is why you MUST test the pH of your runoff when watering, and adjust the pH of your water to keep it under control.

Also-- those soils need something mixed in, vermiculite or pearlite, coco/coir etc... to fluff it up- otherwise they will be really dense and hard for the small hair-roots to penetrate... and hardens like cement when the top 2 inches dry out-- which is what ya are supposed to do-- wait till the top 2 inches dry then water deep enough for runoff.... and test it!

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Thank you every one for the replys. I think i got the situation under control the ph seems to be slowly comin up. Thanks again


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