cool TJ thanks for the feedback, as far as i know Sweet is pretty much the same so ill see how it works

well i think that would just add wieght, and looks like a booster more than a sweetner... IMHO...

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does regular table sugar in the water work

i have heard of this but i dont see how it would because sugar that you eat is not the same as glucose or anything the plant uses for that matter. Adding proper carbohydates to the plant can help the growth and size but that is not the same as the sugar you buy in the store. There are many carb nutes that will do a much better job than sugar water.

yea i am with mental that the name and whats in it dont match, says it is a flavor enhancer but it looks like a booster.

Thanks for the input Mental, after doing a little more research on the ingredients i agree. It has pretty much the same as pk 13 and other boosters

Yea i will def give it a try to see what happens.
Dont worry i will prob have a thread dedicated to its results

Will be interesting to hear the end result first hand from someone who isnt actuallt trying to sell the stuff LOL. I have been tempted to purchase some "Sweetleaf" which is the "Advanced Nutrients" line of products answer to a flavour and aroma enhancer... To tell the truth ithey make it sound pretty good. Like you said Glass pieces the idea behind these enhancers is to increase the oil production and to keep the buds at their optimal freshness throughout their stay in an unatural and artificial environment.. But i am positivia that there is no increasing the potency.
But thats just my pre decimal two penneth worth...
Let us know how you get on

well if your intrested in adding flavour to your buds then i recommend this product called '' sweetleaf '' its made by advanced nutrients and is pritty new but already has a made a name for itself...

costs about £20 per ltr but worth the money if your that bothered about the taste of your weed...

mind you tho in soil i dont think kyou need anything for taste coz i say the taste is in your soil...

and thats why hydro bud can loose its smell and taste after drying but in soil the taste is alway more noticable...

so if your growing in hydro i recommend this product...

Flavor enhancers?..... flavor and smell are genetic cursors. In order to enhance flavor you need to produce more eccential oils in the plant and the only way to acheive that is to use only the best nuets and grow enviroment. Soil and soiless(peat, coco..) gardens are said to provide better flavor and smell but actualy that is only true with the use of organics, and this is due to the forgiveness of organic nuets and the benificial microbes they bring with them. So with all that said, it takes a plants whole life cycle to produce great smell and taste. Unfortunatley theres no short cuts here, its all about plant genetics and the manner that the plant grown. Hope I didnt go off to much, I just love grown and helpin out.
Happy Growin
P.S. Dont forget theres the drying(5-10days) and cureing(1week-2months), and thats realy were you get the good smells and tastes from.


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