I was just wondering if anyone had ever seen a horizontal grow? I was came across an article the other day, and thought it was kind of cool. I don't think that most of us would need to employ this method of growing but for those that extremely limited vertical space might find it useful. I'm not even sure it would work with weed but its always good to explore options when setting up a grow space. I drew a really bad picture of what something like this looks like (its just easier to see rather than explain).


I thought about doing something close just to take funny pictures of it. Would be good right.

The one I thought would be funny to grow in is the Topsy Turvy Planters.

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Lol bro I had the exact same thought (with the topsy turvys) when I read the article. Those are some nice lookin tomato plants. Mine have been neglected this year and look like shit. They have been eaten alive by these little fuckin green catapillars. I was going to spray the plant but I'm getting steady source meals for my leopard gecko (I been pickin off like 4 a day and the little bastards just keep coming). Ohh well I'm in the city so my tomatoes never get complete dark and they havent produced worth shit this year. God I'm sorry I'm high and babbling.. peace bro

i mite actually use this horizontal method of growing. i need a way to hide a grow room nd if there is enough light around the plant it would grow nice. if u usedc floros it wouldnt be too hot nd had a stedy flow of air. it would work very good in my opinion.

dyz clown says turn that frown upside down )8 = (8

if you just set the pot up straight wouldnt the plant still grow torwards the light? n wat do u mean the buds wont grow horizontal?

dyz clown says turn that frown upside down )8 = (8


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