I know I get a stronger, nicer smelling mj when I dry and cure longer and under prime conditions but my question is:

What can a grower do during the grow to make sure the mj comes out smelling the strongest and nicest when it is harvested?

Does the tricomb color also effect the smell of the weed?

I'm asking because myself and a couple of friends have noticed that we have cropped stronger smelling weed of the same strains at different times.
We're trying to figure out what we may have done differently to have this affect.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Well, youve done a good bit more growing then I man, but Ive HEARD that different nutes can effect the smell of your buds. I use all alaska stuff, and to be honest, I find my buds to be less stinky then other people's of the same strain. Im not even using a scrubber for my 3 gals right now and you cant smell it outside the closet.

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I use Green Air products for hydro and my plants stink to high heaven(but in a good way) and I grew the clones outdoors and the weed smelled the same.

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Nutes, Strain and Soil would be my best guesses, but I have no idea whether tricomb color would effect the smell of the weed.

its hard to do but the longer you leave it on the plant the better for smell. What is really important the high or a fashion show?


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