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When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
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check this out


Good link Ice,

I like this guy........Reminds me of some dudes at a Dead show( but without the ballons)

If I had a knotch in my bed post for every joint I smoked......Hell I would be sleeping in saw dust !!

not to hijack, but whats your method of making your cannabutter veggiegardener?

I would say every inch of a plants surface can produce thrichromes, and ALL the THC is contained inside of them. Sun leaves and stems have small, occasional thrichromes which arent as concentrated but through filtering, amount to enough to produce effects. I know my plants sun leaves and stems had them after only a few weeks of flowering. Ive heard of them appearing on the first set of leaves even.

UVB light kills plants, which is why plants couldnt survive out of water until the ozone layer was formed. I figure plants need access to all visible wavelengths and some infared/UVB, which all contain forms of energy. The lower the spectrum though, as with UBV, the more energy. HPS lighting doesnt produce any blue/UVB light so I think plant health would increase no matter what given the right spectrum. So of course the resin production will be increased. Its too bad you cant see what is actually going on in the plant.
He says to use 270-300nm, I wonder if they make LEDs on that wavelength? What type of day/season has the most UVB output? I do believe his bit about how all the best plants come from areas with high UVB exposure.

i like how this guy lit that joint like 25 times in 17 min. :lmao

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

well it turns out LEDs only put out UVA light, which is the wrong wavelength. I suppose reptile lights are the best producer of UVB light (270-315nm). So using either fluorescents or high pressure mercury vapor is probably the best option. By the way, UV exposure is greatest during the summer months at high noon around the equator.

"THC also possesses high UV-B (280-315 nm) absorption properties, protecting the plant from harmful radiation." I wonder if when you increase the UVB whether or not more thc will be produced to protect the plant? Seems strange how most of the light photosynthesis happens in the leaves, yet the thrichromes also pick up and focus light. Im surprised that no THC exists outside of the trichromes, I always thought the plant produced this. Makes me believe that UVB light is vital to THC production since it contains the most energy, and since we arent talking about typical photosynthesis occuring in the thrichromes.

Hmmm. Interesting.

It might be worth trying.
What I don't understand is, why does he not test his theory himself instead of just talking about it?
Would that not be the obvious thing to do?

Nice info (and theory) smokinshogun.

I seen that video also. You can't really test that theory out overnight, or over the course of a coulpe grows, because as he(marijuanaman) explains is that weed isn't as good as it was back in the day because the uvb's it was recieving in the wild(specifically around the equatorial belt) caused it to form THC to protect it from the sun, so, in turn, we are feeding off the plants hardship, so in theory when most strains continued to grow indoors over the course of say 20 years or more without uvb, evolution steps in and hinder their man-loving defence, cause there is no need for the plant to produce as much THC anymore. So basically what he said in even more laymans terms is that we domesticated it a lil.
The only way to fix this problem is if you went to a higher, and hotter altitude, and grow them outdoors there, and leave them growing their until they catch up on lost time, due to domestication, so yes reintagration to the wild will be the only feasble solution pending this is actually the case.


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