Lately i've been reading about the benefits of Hydrogen peroxide in hydro gardens, anyone here use it? What products do you use and what strength do you mix it?
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IMO-- only use it when needed- OR if you have well-water.
We use it (Well water) when algae or root problems start... I use about 2-3 TBS to a 5-gallon bucket (about 4 gallons of water)
But if doing it as a preventative-- use less IMO....
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Like the lady said. Use 3% food grade.
U can use up to 2 1/2 tsp per gal. But as said, start low.
I use it if I developed a problem, other wise, I don't use it on a regular basis.

Usually if ur talking hydro , the remedy to any of the problems U would have where ya need H2O2 , would be to add more air.(with DWC)

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A lot of nutrient supplements say not to use H202 at all because it kills the expensive beneficial bacteria in the nutrients supplements. If you are using hydro best thing would be to get a chiller to keep your tank the right temperature 18-20 Celsius and a good air-pump to add oxygen. Then your tank will fill with lots of nice friendly microbes that your roots will love. H202 kills these microbes and adds oxygen. So you can see the best bet is just to have clean cool oxygenated water from the start and lets those little friendly buggers grow grow grow, your roots will love it.

LOL he's talking hydro. There are no beneficial microbes :Yum

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"In any given natural body of water a very complex ecosystem of bacteria and fungi play a vital role in the overall success and health of the complete system. This can be confusing to anyone who has never studied the subject. A very simple example of an unbalanced system would be any stagnant, over heated and under-oxygenated body of water. In an unbalanced system anaerobic bacteria, considered "bad bacteria", are abundant and because anaerobic bacteria require little or no oxygen they have no competition from aerobic bacteria (good bacteria) which require lots of oxygen." - Quoted

So in summary there are good and bad bacteria living in water. Cool oxygen rich water kills the bad bacteria and makes the good bacteria thrive. Microbes are anything small enough to be seen by a microscope including bacteria, fungus etc, so technically there are beneficially microbes in hydro and soil.

Another tip is if you put a stocking with some perlite in there into your reservoir it makes for a good home for your good bacteria to take root and grow.

I have an e-book on the topic of microbes in the hydro system if you want a copy PM me I'll email it to you.

Again I don't think so.
In water it is waterborne organisms, not microbes that convert organic to inorganic in order for the plant to feed.
Oxygen is a given thing, Its hydro. All plants need that.
As far as cool temp thats a give me too. Things start to grow after 70 degrees. Yes bad. But the microbes that u speak of has nothing to do with H2O2. Soil yes . Hydro No.
This is the reason there is no organic hydro.
So i see how this is confusing for someone who hasn't studied it. agreed

If ya have some info to prove ur point I would love to see it. I am always looking for the right answer. Not saying I have it, but things change and research is done.
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I have no experience with H2O2 and have only read a little on the topic but from what i gather its basically supercharging the oxygen level of your water. Same concept as a air stone adding oxygen to the water only H2O2 will allow you to achieve much higher levels.
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where could i buy this foode grade h2o2.. im tryen not to goto my hydrostore too much... its deffinatly being watched, its the only one in the county..

Any pharmacy or food store . Just look at the % on the label. It should be 3%.

If my penis is 12" long. Is it a Foot?


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