How can i increase the thc content in my plants? 8)

turn it into hash 8)

it's the strain that determens the thc content not the plant of course a stressed or malnurished plant might also have a lower content

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It can be done but it takes generations and generations of clones from the same momma to do it. Maybe have a look in the breeding section here, never know what you might find on the subject.

not to be a smart ass (well kinda am but not really), how about trying to minimize stresses for the plant to increase THC content?!?... if you do everything right for the plant; and maybe give it all organics with a good and strong light... you might get the max out of your plants... but to just do one little thing to increase THC/yield/anything... is just too, imaginary maybe, just do your best, grow the plant (with many clones) for a few years to get to know the strain/phenos, and im sure you will get "more" thc per-say

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