Developing a worrying mold on the top of my rockwool large growing blocks, its very dark green and slimy and wet and is begining to deteroate the blocks. About to start flowering and don't wan't that to affect anything.... Attached is a picture of the situation. I am watering from the bottom soaking the rockwool in warm water with nutrients. Not spraying or anything from the top. Help would be great!


it just alge, it should be ok, just cover the top of the blocks...

Looks like algea not mold and from what ive read it shouldn't do any harm to the plant.

should I put a peice of paper or fabric over the affected area?

Try to cut a fin layer of rockwool off the block, what ya think?

had the same problem , all you need do is get sharpe knife slice thin slice of top of rockwool (being very careful not to cut stem)then cut peice black plastic same shape and size of your rockwool this will solve your problem

Just get a piece of panda plastic (or similar) and cut a piece with a slit for the stem to go in and cover the cube......... Problem gone


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