If I wanted to harvest every month, when should I start the clones for the next batch? I would think you would start the clones when the first batch starts flowering which would give them about a month and a half to two months of growth before they will flower. Is that enough time to veg the clones (working with 50/50 hybrids, so you can estimate the growth rate)?

heres how we do it...
kep moms in veg indefinately.... put your 1st set of clones (or from seed) into 12/12---and take your clones from your Mom plants...root them, then they veg until the 1st set of blooming plants have 3 weeks till harvest then the clones go in to the 12/12 room with them... then you take your 2nd set of clones--- root them, and let them veg until your 1st set of plants is harvested..then they go into 12/12 with the 2nd set of plants...and on and on.. so every time one is harvested--there is one 1/2 way thru bud, one set just going 12/12, and one set being cut.

harvest every month!.

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genius! TYVM. I knew there had to be some sort of sytem to it. thanks again.

well you gotta figure..from the day you cut them it can take up to two weeks, had some root even later, you also have to keep in mind how very very different the time is when your dealing with clones rather than seed, seeds seem to take about 6-8 weeks to be ready for flower where as my clones are ready in like 3-4 weeks, assuming you start timing with a rooted clone.

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