wuts good im kinda a newby.. i gotta couple questions.can u use tap water to water tha mary jane.. also my plant is really droopy im wondering why. I just switched to tap water and im wondering if thats what is causing the drooping? before i was using a teaspoon of miracle grow in a gallon of water. Also i transplanted it and i accidently cut some of the roots off will it be okay ??? :(

I'm a novice, so be warned with my advice, but that doesn't sound good my friend. First of all, I've heard a lot of bad things about miracle grow. I know about those problems first hand. Toss that shit in the trash can. You can get better fertilizer (organic) at the same price. As far as cutting the roots, I don't have any knowledge on that, but like I said, doesn't sound good. You can use tap water unless it's horrible quality. I switched over to cheap filtered water and got rid of the miracle grow at the same time. Loved the results.

Well---- you CAN use tap water--IF you have it tested for ph & chlorine 1st! Take a sample to a local aquarium shop and ask em to test it.
You need to make sure it's ph is 6.0-6.8 and NO chlorine!
You may need to get some chems from a hydro shop or on line to adjust the ph and eliminate the chlorine... OR-- buy a 2 gallon just of refillable water from the grocery store (usually Culligan)
Walmart has it for $5 for the 1st jug (container included) and around $1 to refill it.
Miracle Grow is ok (I Know I know guys-- quit yelling!) But use it at 1/2 it's recomende rate for houseplants... and when you go 12/12-- wait 2 weeks, then switch to MG blossom booster.
We used it our 1st few grows, and did fine!

NOW- as for the roots-- THAT is probably why it's drooping! If you cut the roots, it has a 50/50 chance to make it-- but that kind of stress can cause it to hermie even if it recovers -- so keep an eye on it when it goes into 12/12!!


ok thnx

i can testify that miracle all purpose plant food 7-7-7 and tap water have been doing great for me take a look at my thread cannabis8948.html my plants grow a new set of leaves every day under 4 32 watt cfl's and 5 40 watt 4 foot tubes. lmk what you think. also i started miracle grow at half strenght when they had 3 sets of leaves including the single leaf set.

i use my tap watter only, im happy with what they give me, also my first plant was done in with MG and honestly its been my greenist, healthiest lady to date. Coulda been the strain though, cause i grew clones in with a variety of nutes and they preformed well, though not as good as the mother!

yeah, normally tap water is fine. some cases though its not or has higher or lower contents of some things that need to be ballanced. or hard water, which they ahve cures for. but for the most part your water has to be bad to be really bad for your plants

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mate dont use mg its utter crap get some proper nutes for weed
not only that but its bad for u to smoke!
tap water is fine did u let it warm up before u watered your plants? u may have shocked them hence droopy leafs.

trust me mirecal grow is utter CRAP (never mind what anyone else says anyone who can grow will know not to use it!)

maybe i am one of the lucky few that has has good experience with mg. but wouldnt i flush my buds to remove all nutreints from the soil and plant before i harvest?

fluorescent wrote:maybe i am one of the lucky few that has has good experience with mg. but wouldnt i flush my buds to remove all nutreints from the soil and plant before i harvest?

Yes, I smoked herb grown with MG and it doesn't taste any different than most herb. Anyone who had it taste bad probably did a bad job flushing or curing. If you've ever smoked organic herb, the taste is MUCH better. But that might be a matter of opinion. I also like soil taste over hydro taste.


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