Hey everybody, I was wondering if there was anyway to keep my plants in smaller pots without doing any damage. I'm just trying to avoid the use of 5 gallon pots because my closet isn't that big. Will keeping it in a smaller pot reduce the plants grow size, or just do harm to it. or both?

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what strain are you growing?soil or hydro?sativas take longer so there for need more room 2 grow general rule of thumb 2-3mo. 3gallon,3-8mo. 5gallon. hope this helps :reefer

I think you can get away with small pot if you do a short veg.

I'm growing in soil with three gallon pots, it's a mostly sativa strain so I guess it'll be growing faster. When should I switch to 12/12?


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generally sativas take longer 9-14 wks flower,i usually switch to 12/12 when 17-20in.

'would use larger pots meself there PurpWidow...'i have one sativa in a 3 gallon pot n she's probably root bound to a degree...n she was 12/12 from the git-go...
'like LadyZ says, "5-8 gallon" is a good suggest from me, too (dependin'... :lol: )...draino-d :Yum

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Sativas can be killer smoke, but this is the exact reason why I can't grow'em: Space issues.. :( If I let a full sativa get 17" before flippin', it just won't make it.. :lmao And 14wks or longer is waaaaay to long for my liking.. I use 3gal. bags with a 2-4wk veg on indica doms and they still get around 3.5ft. tall. :shock: 4.5ft is my max.. :P And I heard pw is some serious "kill bill", but I just can't grow shit like that unless it's only 2 plants and I tie the hell outta'em, ya dig... :slapper

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If your closet is too small for the planters-- it's too small for the plants! the plants get WAY bigger than the pots.....

If there is sativa-- they get big root systems, then THEY get huge... flower EARLY!!! They do not grow FASTER just BIGGER!

To save space without compromising the roots-- get a couple 20gallon Bins, and put 2-3 plants in each one-- spaced evenly... and again-- flower early!!!!

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A bowl a day keeps the doctor away.

It's not how big ur pot is
It's how ya use it! :shock: LOL


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