I have 6 plants that I have grown from seed, and transferred to the Grow Room. They are all now at the 4 week stage from when they first poked out of the soil, and all about 12" high, and looking nice and healthy.
I noticed 2 very small sex organs on one of the plants yesterday. They were too small to identify, even with a Mag Glass. (Male or Female)
Are all of the plants going to show sex at about the smae time, like within a day or so?
How long do I have to egt the males, if any out of the room before pollination?
How long will it be before I can 100% identify the sex organs to be male or female?
I am growing White Widow.

have you got them on the 12/12 lighting schedual.?
if not maybe your just seeing new veg growth,new leaf buds look alot like preflow buds but no hairs. after you put them under
12/12 it should show within a week or 2 the males almost always show sex before females, so you'll have plenty of time to get them out of your GR

I still have them on the 18/6
I have a book, The Cannabis Grow Bible that I am using, and have an idea for what to look for. The plant that is showing the sex organs (Maybe) has the new growth in slightly different places than where the new growth is coming from, and the look more pod like than leaf like, but they are very small, even under the glass. I was under the impression that I should wait for all to pre flower before switching to 12/12, which was the main reason for my initial question on if they will all pre flower close together.

you can flower whenever... the longer it veg's the bigger it will be in the end. Males have little ball like pods that form. They take a while to mature and drop their pollen so you will see them before any pollenation occurs. Females will develop little clearish white pistols or hairs. They turn red as they mature which is where the red hairs come from on the buds. Pretty easy to tell the difference really. Id wait to make sure though cause your not really risking anything letting em grow a couple days to be sure.

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The time you have is usually a week or so depending on how far along the males and females have matured and there strain, even the same strains can flower at different times, males can only pollinate when there "balls" open and create a flower that contains the pollen.

Heres a few pictures i found on the net, i circled the preflowers.


and not all strains "pre-flower" .. that's why most folks veg them until they are about 1/3 of how big they want the plant to get-- then go 12/12... some plants will show within a matter of days-- some take longer...

Now if yer growing a lowrider cross or something like that ... they auto flower regardless of the light.....

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OK, so all of my 6 plants are more than 12" High now. I have one that is actually closer to 18", so I am thinking that one is showing early signs of being a male, judging by what my book says. (males may be taller)
Do you guys and gals think that I should switch to 12/12 now, or should I wait a little longer. All of the plants are now in the 5th week of veg.
Sorry for the basic questions, but I am trying to get it right forst time

If you want a 3 ft plant switch the lights now. If you want it to get bigger let them get bigger before you switch over. Dont kill the tall ones just cause they are tall. Males can be tall or short can smell or not smell. Its all about the flowers!

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
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